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God class Prezi

Ideas reflected back to students

Wendy Grinberg

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of God class Prezi

Some ideas from Rabbi Mosbacher's
God elective, winter 2013 Violence/evil/difficulty God When bad things happen, it's easier to let go and blame God. Miracles God intervenes less and less in the lives of men. Faith/religion non-religious people still have values Free will God shows us the right path. has no gender is like hope I don't believe in/experience God unifies people supports us is all the stuff out of our control or we don't understand is present when a group of people pray together Doesn't make the perfect decision in every case is good, just and singular is a force that tells us right from wrong What does God believe in? I've never seen any actual evidence of God. is not a Creator, but maybe a creation The Creator can change makes sacrifices The impulse to pray is proof of God. Even if God were here, no one would believe Him. How can people be extremely devoted to God? God is a single entity, part of all religions, a combination of incomprehensible power and love. I think science and God and coexist. Just a way to start a war Religion is something people turn to in times of violence and hate. I experience disproof of God when bad things happen to me, my friends or family and nothing happens to fix the problem. If man is responsible for genocide, then is God responsible for the evils that man has created? Things are not intrinsically good or evil. It depends how they are used. violence is not necessary at any time. sometimes it's called for God leaves things to happen and then saves us. God doesn't want us to depend on Him. I don't think God is there to do things for us. Does God want us to do stuff on our own or not? God wants to see if we can solve our own problems. God rewards people who do good, but doesn't really punish the bad. God is responsible for miracles, such as the miracles that paved success for the Jewish people, and most of all the miracle of life. There's always a scientific explanation, perhaps we just haven't found it. Are where rules end If you can answer questions about God, the meaning and power of God is lost. God wants us to do the right thing. is good and sensible is more fictional and unbelievable in the Torah
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