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No description

Zainab Ali

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Shoes

The Very First Shoes Different Shoes All Over the World The Most Commonly Worn Shoes in the World THE
END (OVER 5,000 YEARS AGO!) Converse: A type of athletic shoe that is worn by men and women and come in a variety of colors, styles, prints, and fabrics. The sole and the tips or the shoe are always made out of rubber. -The worlds highest high heels are 11 inches long!

-The most expensive pair of
shoes in the world is 3 million dollars & made out of real rubies

- 43% of the female population have been injured by their shoes

- "Keds" were the first American sneakers THANK Y U! What-Shoe Talking About?! Well...we're talking about shoes, of course By: Zainab Ali -People wore shoes simply to protect their feet from harsh weather (not for fashion or style)
-Ancient Greeks invented the very first boot, which were made out of leather back then
-Ancient Egyptians invented the very first sandal, which was made out of animal skins
-Indians invented moccasins which were used for comfort in the winter time -GERMANY: Clogs. (A shoe that is made entirely from wood, mainly used for dance.) -MOROCCO: Babouches. (Pointed-toe leather slippers that are dyed with bright colors. FUN FACTS :D Nikes: ALSO another type of athletic shoe brand worn for basketball and other sports too. The Nike brand is one of the worlds largest shoe suppliers. -JAPAN: Getas. (Sandal-type shoes that have wooden stilts at the bottom so people's feet dont get dirty. These shoes were typically quite heavy.) -SOLE: The exterior bottom part of the shoe. -MIDSOLE: The layer that lies between the sole and insole to prevent shocking. Some shoes are made without midsoles. -HEEL: The bottom part in the back of a shoe.It can be high to make people look taller and for fashion purposes, or flat for comfort. -INSOLE: The interior bottom part of the shoe that comes
right beneath the foot. DIFFERENT PARTS OF A SHOE
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