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The Panic Bird

No description

Jessie Foo

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Panic Bird

THE PANIC BIRD by Robert Phillips
presented by Jessie Fu OVERVIEW DRAMATIC READING OF POEM SUMMARY OF POEM WHAT'S THE MOOD? MOOD ANALYSIS The Panic Bird just flew inside my chest. Some
days it lights inside my brain,
but today it's in my bonehouse,
rattling ribs like a birdcage If I saw it coming, I'd fend
it off with a machete or baseball bat
Or grab its scrawny hackled neck,
wring it like a wet dishrag. But it approaches from behind.
Too late I sense it at my back---
carrion, garbage, excrement.
Once inside me it preens, roosts, vulture on a public utility pole.
Next it flaps, it cries, it glares,
it rages, it struts, it thrusts
its clacking beak into my liver, my guts, my heart, rips off strips,
I fill with black blood, black bile.
This may last minutes or days.
Then it lifts sickle-shaped wings, rises, is gone, leaving a residue---
foul breath, droppings, molted midnight
feathers. And life continues.
And then I'm prey to panic again. SUMMARY about how panic takes over your body the "cycle" of panic basically one huge extended metaphor for panic compares panic to vultures and the Grim Reaper WHAT IS THE MOOD? Pain ALLUSION: Reference to events or characters from history, myth, religion, literature, pop culture, etc. METAPHOR: An implied comparison of two unlike
objects that have one point in common. Robert Phillips "vulture on a utility pole.
Next it flaps, it cries, it glares,
it rages, it struts, it thrusts
its clacking beak into my liver," (stanza 4) vultures symbolize darkness and suffering many religions consider the vulture a messenger of despair and oppression "Then it lifts sickle-shaped wings,

rises, is gone, leaving a residue..." (line 20-21) METAPHOR: ALLUSION: compares the feeling of panic to vultures references the feeling of pain with the Grim Reaper Grim Reaper is basically death itself the weapon he uses (the scythe) is sickle-shaped ALLITERATION----> ALLITERATION: The repetition of the initial consonant
in two or more words. "I fill with black blood, black bile." (stanza 5 line 2) black is a colour that symbolizes panic and oppression bile rises in your throat when you're scared blood represents the cuts that the "panic bird" leaves on you (like a weakness) so it can prey on you again Therefore the mood for this poem is Pain. the panic bird will now haunt your dreams >:3 CONCLUSION But remember, heal those cuts and maybe the panic bird will not stay as long next time MOOD ANALYSIS MOOD ANALYSIS THANKS FOR LISTENING it looks blue but I swear it's black... black colour shows death and depression carrion bird symbolizes panic and suffering carrying the scythe of the Grim Reaper to instill fear in your heart beam of light in the clouds shows there is hope that the panic bird will leave eventually VISUAL CONNECTION/ANALYSIS VISUAL CONNECTION/ANALYSIS
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