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American Revolution Flow Chart

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William Maxwell

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of American Revolution Flow Chart

The Proclamation of 1763
This law was that all of the colonists couldn't move past the Appalachian Mountains. This got most of the colonists really mad because they were moving here for land but couldn't get any. Most of them just disobeyed the law and settled in Ohio Valley because of the fertile land.
The Quartering Act
When the colonists disobeyed the Proclamation, in 1763 he sent 10,000 soldiers to the colonies and whatever door they knocked on, they had to feed and house them.
The Sugar Act
The Sugar Act happened in 1764 and put a tax on sugar, molasses, and any other thing that's sweet being shipped into the colonies.
The Stamp Act
This was passed in 1765. Anything paper like had to have a stamp of the kings face on it to leave or come into the colonies. Including diplomas, contracts and even newspapers. "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!"
The Townshend Acts
This act replaced the Sugar and Stamp Acts. This act placed duties, or taxes on imports such as glass, paper, lead, and tea. This just made it worse, the colonists thought if they were taxed by England they should have a voice in parliament.
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Tea Party
In 1773 a secret society call the Sons of Liberty. Dressed as Native Americans they boarded three tea ships docked in Boston Harbor and threw overboard 342 chest of tea in protest of the Tea Act. All this did was anger the king who ended up punishing them.
The Intolerable Acts
American Revolution Flow Chart
In 1768 tempers flared for other reasons than taxes. Its very common for red coats and colonists to share insults. Words lead to 5 colonists deaths on a fall day. The colonists were outraged but just said that the people who died gave their lives for liberty.
In 1774, they "attacked" the colony of Massachusetts. The Boston Harbor was closed until all the Tea was paid for and England was able to house troops where ever it was necessary. All the other colonies were not affected. They actually reached out to Massachusetts. The sent in food, supplies, and money to Boston in order to help. The intolerable Acts was the final step of the American Revolution.
Declaration of Independence
July 4th, 1776
This was the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed and approved. This made all thd colonies their own states and they were no longer part of the British Empire.
The Constitution
The Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787. The Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times; the first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights.
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