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Leaving a Legacy

Thesis Defense

Samantha Egan

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy Creating an Online Presence
for Future Members of the Beta Pi Chapter By Samantha Egan Thesis Committee Thesis Director & Professor Retha Hill

Second Reader & Director of Family Services at The Pilgrim Rest Foundation Rhoshawndra Carnes

M. Ed & Third Reader Paige Cheatham Background What is the opportunity to be gained? Chapter Status Planning Ahead Conclusion Who is Sigma Gamma Rho? What is their brand? How does the Beta Pi Chapter fit into Sigma Gamma Rho? What has this project taught me? Why is this website necessary? Website Design What was the strategic plan for the website? What research influenced the project? What should the future website manager be cognoscente of? Brand Mascot Flower Colors The Beta Pi Chapter Success Highest Donations Raised Successful Service Partnerships High Academics Campus # ........ Intake Freeze Opportunity The Beta Pi Chapter's Status www.betapichapter.com Donald Zimmerman Woman ages 18 to 25
Obtained her high-school diploma
Active within her community
Understands the purpose of a sorority
Knowledge website navigate Profile Where would I find.... Keep Audience in Mind •Gaining a clear understanding of the organization’s purpose and activities.
•Accessing information about membership.
•Easily connecting to members of the chapter. Home Navigation About Contact Us! Join Officers Programs Project Reassurance (Big fish, deltazeta.org/Home.) (Nicholas McElveen & JAB Designs, people.clemson.edu, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, Web. Aug 2012) Balancing Interests Brand Preservation Appeal Condensed Timothy Jordan Senior Developer for Dialogue Simple Posting Word Document WordPress Screen Shot Simple but Professional Content Guidelines Contact Option Academic Voice Ordered for User's
Convenience Featured Annual Events Linked to Last Year's Direct Link to Email Linked to National Page Then Now During
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