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No description

Mohammed Mardini

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Hugo

Richard Hugo - Born on December 21, 1923
- Hugo was abonded, by his father
Richard Hogan a bit after Hug's bith
- Changed his last name to Hugo,
which he adopted from his stepfather
-Decided to serve in World War II as a
Bombbarider,(a crew member responsible
for dropping down bombs via airplane)
-Flew about thirty-five combat missions
and was ranked as first lutinent before he
left, in 1945

- World War II had a major influence
on Hugo
- After the war he went to the Univesity of
Washington to study creative writing
- After Graduating he went on to marry Barbra Williams
- He began working as a technichal writer for Boeing
where he worked there for thirteen-years
- His mirrage later ended in 1964, with a devorce
- Hugo later went on to teach at the University of Montana
for eighteen years

- Hugo was majorly influenced by
World War II
- Most of his poems are written in free
verse vs. Rhym scemes
- Even though he writes in free verse
his poems usually contain strong rythem to
- Alot of his poetry is written about nature,
as a symbol of his own depression
- Can be related to the Transcendalists - Natureish
- In addition he was influenced from child hood expericnes
of getting beaten, and drinking problems as he grew older
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