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Vithuran Sadagopan

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Hepatitis

Liver fibrosis is the scarring of
the liver.
When the liver is repeatedly da
mage the
liver will start to get a scar,
but this scare is
When fibrosis
advances it will become
What is Hepatitis
Hepatitis is the swelling and inflammation of the
This disease can be viral, bacterial
Neither refers to the forms of hepatitis like Autoimmune or drug induced hepatitis
Bacterial hepatitis rarely occurs.
Viral hepatitis is normally the cause of hepatitis in most cases
of Hepatitis
Origins of Hepatitis
Hepatitis A virus
Hepatitis E virus
Hepatitis B virus
Hepatitis C virus
Hepatitis D virus
Hepatitis Autoimmune
Alcoholic hepatitis
Toxic hepatitis
-Hepatitis: from the greek word "hepat" meaning liver and the suffix "itis" meaning inflammation
-It is estimated that hepatitis C originated at Guinea Bissau but now it is world wide because slaves from Guinea Bissau were used in the slave trade and so the disease spread across the world
-Scientist believe that Hepatitis existed for 1000 of years but the reason why we couldn't find out about it was because we didn't have the technology to view it.
Contraction of Hepatitis
Affects on the Body
Cures and Vaccines
Hepatitis Movements
Now hepatitis is spread world wide and is now to known to people
around the world
-Before HCV (Hepatitis C virus) was identified it was called non A non B Hepatitis until 1989 when we got the technology to identify it.
- The HBV (hepatitis B virus) protein was found
by Dr.Barnch Blumberg but was identified
3 years later by a group of scientist
AIH (autoimmune hepatitis) was thought to be a
form of lupus because both of the diseases are caused by your own immune system so it was called lupoid hepatitis
Hepatitis is a silent killer
-Most of the time hepatitis will not have any symptoms early on in the disease.
-HCV sometimes will not have any symptoms until the
A person will usually not get any symptoms form hepatitis but if a person does get symptoms, it will most likely change from person to person but the symptoms will usually include
jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes)
abdominal pain
dark urine
loss of appetite
nausea and vomiting
breast development in men
symptoms for autoimmune hepatitis for woman include:
lung scarring
inflammation of the thyroid gland, kidney
abnormal menstruation
Hepatitis is a very contagious disease.
It is 100x more contagious than AIDS
Because of the many different types or causes of Hepatitis there are many ways to get hepatitis
HAV and HEV can be transmitted
by eating or drinking: contaminated food
undercooked food
food contaminated by feces
or food handled by unwashed hands
HBV, HCV, HDV can be transmitted through:
-spread of body fluids like blood, semen etc..
-contaminated medical equipment
-sexual contact
HBV can also be transmitted from the mother to child during birth
HDV is different from the other viruses because it is a co infection. A person can only get HDV if they have HBV.
Hepatitis will cause scarring and inflammation of the liver.
The steps hepatitis virus takes to infect your body is:
first, the virus takes host cell then starts multiplying
second, the virus goes to war with the liver cells
lastly in the process of fighting the liver will expand which will cause inflammation
The longer you have hepatitis the more damage your liver will take
Complications like liver failure, liver cancer, and the scarring of the liver (cirrhosis and fibrosis) may occur if progressed for long enough
Autoimmune hepatitis works slightly di
Instead of a virus attacking your liver your
own body's
immune system attacks your liver thinking
that your liver
is an invading disease.
Because there are so many causes/types of hepatitis, you would need to ask a doctor about the treatment.
Right now there is only a vaccine for hepatitis is for HAV and HBV
The only treatment that is found right now is for
HBV has no exact treatment but has one.
The only cure for acute forms of hepatitis is to let your own immune system fight it off
Some treatments which help chronic hepatitis may include
-interferon; a natural protein that is good at fighting HBV and HCV
making synthetic interferon is expensive and has a lot of side effects
-antiviral drugs; have a good cost
-liver transplant; last resort when liver fails
World hepatitis Day
The day to create global awareness of hepatitis.

Around 500 million live with HBV and HCV
1.5million die from it each year which is more than
but not contagious enough to be quarantined

There are also added symptoms for Autoimmune hepatitis for woman
Autoimmune hepatitis is caused by your own body's immune system. Autoimmune hepatitis is like cancer in the way that your body is the one that triggers it.
Some forms of hepatitis is caused or triggered by certain drugs, toxins or froms of metabolic disorders.
As the disease progresses and becomes more serious you will start getting more symptoms but it will most likely be at the point where the liver has been damaged already.

& fibrosis
Cirrhosis is the permanent scarring of the liver which can not be repaired.
Cirrhosis is a long progressive disease that
develops over a
long period of time. If cirrhosis continues for
long enough
the liver will stop.
Because hepatitis affects infants more than adults the vaccine is given at a young age.

The HBV vaccine is given to in infants/young teens.

The HAV vaccine is not given as widely because it is not very dangerous since most people survive HAV
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Acute Hepatitis is when the disease can only last for less than 3-6 months. If the disease continues then it would become a chronic form. Some forms of Hepatitis can only be acute like HAV or HEV but other forms can be both like HBV or HCV.
Technology has helped unlock many of the mystery of hepatitis. It has helped us identify hepatitis and save many lives from hepatitis
This makes HDV the most deadly form of hepatitis with a mortality rate of 20%
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