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The Grimm Legacy

Book Report

Maya Hackman

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The Grimm Legacy

Polly Shulman The Grimm Legacy Aaron Rosendorn This story was told in first person by Elizabeth Rew. Elizabeth Rew Kind
Shy *Elizabeth was kind by giving her gym sneakers to the homeless women. *She is smart for getting an A on Mr. Mauskopf''s report. *Elizabeth was always curious about the Grimm Collection Marc Marritt Takes place in the present day winter of New York. Handsome
Cautious *Every girl at Fisher has a crush on him because he is handsome. *He is the best athlete on the basketball team. *He was cautious to trust Elizabeth and Aaron. Anjali Rao Beautiful
Smart *All of the guys at Fisher thought she was beautiful. *She was always irritated when Jaya would spy on her. *She like to socialize and have fun at the Fisher basketball games. Brooding
Secretive * Elizabeth and her friend think Aaron is cute. * He never trusted Mark when he could have. * At the beginning he would tell anybody anything and just would brood to himself. Elizabeth got a job a page at the New York Circulating Material Repository. Elizabeth, Mark, and Anjali see the huge bird through the window. All of the pages go to the Fisher basketball game. Anjali and Mark kiss. Anjali goes missing the day after the Fisher game. Go to Wallace Stone to find Anjali. Find out Anjali is a doll. Aaron shrinks Mark and Elizabeth so they can fit into the Grimm pneums Mark is turned into a doll. Jaya finds all the dolls and saves them. They find Dr. Rust in the cystyal ball. Trap Wallace Stone in Grace's garden, bring Mark and Anjali back by the true loves kiss, and got Doc out by the magic flower Andre found. Dr. Rust gives Elizabeth the Want ring to help her direction Everyone goes to Mark's basketball game
(even Jaya) Elizabeth and Aaron go on a
carpet ride then kiss. The Grimm colection is mostly restored, Aaron and Elizabeth start to date, and Elizabeth still needs her sense of direction. I really liked the book. I like that it was a little of everything realistic, fairytale, magical, romantic, and action. I'm glad that everything ended well that usually doesn't happen to the books I read so it was a pleasant surprise . Critical Analysis Elizabeth Rew gave away her shoes,
She got an A on her history report that was due. Mr. Mauskopf told her to call Dr. Rust.
She got a job as a page,
The next day she had no rage.
She made a new friend Anjali,

She took a chance and didn't cheat,
The Grimm Collection she got to meet After she gained some trust , The pages went to the basketball game at Fisher,
Aaron and Elizabeth caught some kissers.
The next day Anjali goes missing,
All Elizabeth can think about is kissing.
Aaron shrinks his friends,
Mark follows Anjali's trend. Elizabeth got to meet her family. Jaya stuff in all the dolls and crystal ball,
Elizabeth makes Wallace Stone run into a wall.
Aaron and Elizabeth start to date,
Her sense of direction is still late. Summary Poem Relevance of the Title The title helps because it is what the story revolves around. The whole time they are worried about the Grimm Collection. Who's the theif. The Magic in the collection. Taking items out of the collection. The fake objects. The legacy part is what each page was supposed to fulfill by the end of the story and who they were supposed to help and not (especially Elizabeth). Ten Things I Learned 1. Always get good grade's
2. Be kind to other's
3. Be creative
4. Be confidant
5. Always believe
6. Trust adult's
7. Follow your gut
8. Sometime little kids have great ideas
9. Be open minded
10. Don't change yourself for other's I think that the point of veiw
was good because everything
was centered around her and we got
to learn the new things that happens to
pages I don't think that the setting was greatly important because this could take place anywhere or anytime.
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