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Lauren Binz

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Jamaica!


Important people in Jamaican Government
-Governor General: Patrick Allen
-Prime Minister: Portia Simpson - Miller
-Minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade: Kenneth Baugh
-House of Representatives
Jamaican Parties

The Jamaica Labour Party is one of the two major political parties in Jamaica, the other being the People's National Party.

- In 1962 constitution established a parliamentary system based on the UK model

-The justice system is also modeled on the UK system

-Jamaica government is organized in a representative parliament democratic constitution monarchy

Jamaican Governor General
Portia Simpson Miller
Jamaica's government is responsible for the social and political aspects of the country.
-The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union is a trade union center in Jamaica established by Sir Alexander Bustamante
-The National Workers Union is a general trade union

Branches of Jamaican Government...
-Governor General
-Prime Minister
-Legislative- Bicameral Parliament

The Parliament of Jamaica has two chambers

- Has 63 members, elected for a 5 year term

-The House of Representatives is the Lower House. It is the group of elected members of parliament.

-Has 21 appointed members

-The Senate is the direct successor of a pre Independence body known as the Legislative Council
Government Buildings in Jamaica
-Kings House (also governments house)
-Office of the Prime Minister
-Ministry of Finance and Planning
-Ministry of local government, Youth and community development
Kings House
Office of the Prime Minister

In conclusion Jamaica's government is very successful in supporting their country and provides their community with a well organized government.
Thanks for listening
The Senate

The House of Representative
Canada's Political Seats
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