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Livescribe Echo Smartpen

No description

Sophia Hesling

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Livescribe Echo Smartpen

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen hold's a memory of 400 gb, around 800 hours worth of recording time. Nevertheless this depends on the model.
The camera takes continous photograrphs as you write. They are then decoded by the smart pen. However the pen never see's what your writing. Instead, it uses the intergrated pressure sensore, meaning that it only rembers where the pen makes contact with the page.
Who does it do it?
The main feature (to record handwriting) relies on three things; high-speed camera, pressure sensor and dot paper.
What is it?
The Livescribe Echo Smartpen, is a
pen that allows you to record whilst taking notes, then you are able to play them back later. You can then save it onto the computer and then share them.
What the Echo smart pen Includes!
Livescribe Echo Smartpen ..
How do I charge it ?
Dot paper?
The Pen
How much memory does it have?
The new and improved state of
the art pen
This is one model of the livescribe Echo pen.
What's the impact?

On the world
SWOT analysis
My peice of technolgy is very useful as it allows anyone who may struggle at school, or has a hard ime revising understand something better as they can recorded it then re listen to it to help them understand. It could also help someone who is revising as they could say there notes then listen to them making it easier to learn.
A weakness that my technolgy could have is if the charger doesn't work, the recorer stops working, the ink leaks or if the quailty of the recording faults.
I think that my product is better than existing products as it combines things that you need to revise. Notes and underdtanding. With this product you get two types of notes (writing and listening) also if you don't understand it you can re listen so it gets into your head and you understand it.
I think that the livescribe echo pen will not have any treat as there is nothing like it. The only things like it are normal pens and recording devices. However this is two in one plus much more, meaning that you get more for your money and it takes up less room.
Thank you for listening
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