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1950's fads/fashion

No description

elise kerim

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of 1950's fads/fashion

Something that made the "fabulous fifties" so fabulous was the fads of poodle skirts, leather jackets and stiletto heels. 1950'S FADS/FASHION Poodle Skirts Start of the Poodle Skirt Fun of the Poodle Skirt Leather Jackets Leather Jackets Stiletto Heels Stillettos..aka "the killer heel" When you think of fifties fads/fashion, the first thing to come to mind is poodle skirts! Every female of every age had one and all were different to their liking. The original designer of the poodle skirt was Juli Lynne Charlot. One day she made her own skirt, cutting out felt and making a Christmas tree to add onto the bottom of her skirt. She was later asked to make them and design them for public and did but choose poodle dogs instead of Christmas trees. The poodle skirt was not only a big fad for its style, but it was fun to wear! It was a big relief to have poodle skirts because they were more relaxing, and before used to wear slimline skirts which were not fun. The skirts are very full, and to make it more poofy petticoats were added under it, which mostly teenage girls did. The shape of it was circular, and it just fell right at the knees. The full/circle shape was ideal when they danced since there hips kept swinging! Leather jackets are still a trend now, but there was quite a craze in the 1950's. For boys, leather jackets with a white t shirt&blue jeans was worn after seeing what men in movies had worn. The "greaser" look came later in the decade. Here was a big influence on the trend- Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" which came out in 1953. Notice Marlon(or, Johnny) has a leather jacket, and it has decals on it which you could get made, especially motorcyclists had these. The "greaser/greasy" look came into play. It was simple in the they wore light blues jeans, white t shirt and the leather jacket. But to add to it that also influenced teen boys was Elvis Presley's slicked back hair. Boys liked the leather jacket because they figured it would give them the "bad boy" image, even if they weren't. If their collar was worn up, it would make them seem tough and masculine. When you hear stiletto heels you may think its a modern thing, but it actually never went out of style and all started in the 1950's. Christian Dior started the stiletto fashion when he launched the "new look" which, of course, had stiletto heels. The heel made women's leg look longer and made women seem more delicate. The stiletto heel is thin, as to before they used to have chunky styles. In order to be a stiletto heel the actual heel should be thin, although it can vary with exceptions. Stilettos are not comfortable to walk in, but then again there is never a "comfortable heel" The heel was worn for the way it looks and it also helped tone calves. Women in the 50's loved them so much they were worn with anything, and heels were usually neutral colors but stilettos were in a variety of colors especially for night events. They were the highest heel of the 50's, pointy toe and 2-7 inches in height. How Women Styled Their Skirts The poodle was a metc applique that had sparkling eyes and a bright collar. To make it most simple to wear, women wore a very fitted, simple cardigan and belt to keep the skirt the main focus of the outfit. A matching scarf tied at the neck and ponytail completed the outfit. If they wanted to take a step out of the usual, they added a brighter accessory or shirt Notice her heel? The End In conclusion, the biggest fads/fashion of the 1950s were poodle skirts, leather jackets, and stiletto heels. Work Cited "Fashion in the 1950s." Fashion in the 1950s,. Red Apple Education LTD., 2013. Web. 27 Mar. 2013.
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