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Human Resource Presentation

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lim qi qi

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Human Resource Presentation

Lesson Learnt
Overall Summary
The incident
Yes, it does. The attitude or behavior male and female is totally different. Well, as an example, when a female worker project a smile to male worker, as a male they will think that she might be giving signs or signals of being sexually motivated. But as a female, the smile might be just for their benefit such as want to get promoted or increases salary. So from this example, we can conclude that a male does make a misperception in this situation.
A) why do people conduct sexual harassment? It is due to sexual abuse. From parents when they are young.
B) There are two types of sexual harassment recognized as legally and been established in employment law, which is quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment sexual harassment.
C) Quid pro quo sexual harassment is defined as harassment happened while someone is required in return to getting benefit or keeping a job. They willing to sacrifice just to keep their job or get more benefit. For an example, from our workplace sales department, most of the employee afraid they would lose their job, so for their own benefit they intentionally agreeing with the sexual demand of supervisor.
D) Hostile work environment
It had shown tangible consequences affect someone mental and the ability. Example for body contact, touching directly to body sensitive part as for the critic one would to be rape cases. It can be peeking cases as well as such as putting camera in the working place. Hostile environment sexual harassment basically brings the meaning the intimidation, insults and ridicule was sufficiently severe to alter the working environment. In the opposite side,

Incident Response
Overall Summary
A female employee came into the office of the Director of security and reported that a male coworker had sexually assaulted her.
Sexual Harassment
presentation case study 1
Lesson Learnt
Record down all the detail and incident happened information from the female employee.
Record down the incident happened, the director of security should review the information complaint before pass the cases to Human Resource department.
The Incident
There is various definition of sexual harassment. It define as unwelcome sexual advanced or behavior whether directly or indirectly such as staring at someone, sexual suggestive signals as well. To put it another way, anything that makes human feel uncomfortable about their sexuality and security.
As a conclusion, sexual harassment is an unwelcomed and unpleasant behavior. In hospitality industry, workers may face a lot of sexual harassment case, touching by guest or between the employee and employer.
Incident Response
Talk with the harasser about the behavior review in policy. Conduct an investigation of the situation.
**two side stories
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