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Repreve Campaign

No description

victoria de la cruz

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Repreve Campaign

What is Repreve? Mission How? Green Week Schedule Why Green Week? Green Week Proposal The strategy of the campaign also includes a series of events that will raise awareness of the importance of environmental consciousness. When people buy products that contain Repreve, they are not just helping
conserve natural resources and keep more bottles out of landfills. "Turn your Waste into Something Better" The events will revolve on a series of fun and informational activities that will help students get a deeper insight of how are they harming the planet earth. Monday April 22: Perper Plaza: 1pm-5pm: Bring your empty water bottles for the chance of winning a Repreve item. *The student, staff or faculty member who brings the most empty plastic bottles wins. Green Week is a great idea for Lynn because it will motivate people in the community by seeing how with something as simple as water bottles, Repreve decided to help make the world a better place.

Young people also tend to do what others do so if a little group starts recycling water bottles and contributing with small actions, other people will start to do it to. The final goal is to spread the idea of recycling or going green around campus. by: Victoria de la Cruz
Emilia Lujan
Esha Parikh
Gabbi Glenn
Alex Berger Repreve is an organization that is publicly held by Unifi, a U.S. based company. Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading producer of multifilament polyester and nylon textured yarns and related raw materials. Repreve is a recycled fiber that contains recycled post-industrial waste and used plastic water bottles. This recycled fiber has been chosen by well-known brands like North Face in the attempt of making their products truly sustainable. They are also supporting recycling by giving some plastic bottles a better use. Some objectives:
educate people on the importance of recycling
create awareness of Repreve as a product and the good it does to our planet
causing people to want to recycle
encourage people to buy Repreve products
create a better environment
help reduce pollution and other harmful substances that go into product making The ultimate goal of the campaign is to create a weeklong event at Lynn University promoting environmental consciousness. The event will be held April 22 through April 26, tying in with Earth Day, which is April 22.
Tuesday April 23: Perper Plaza: 12pm Repreve Clothes fashion show, showcasing Lynn's Fashion program. 11:30- 3pm- Repreve company spokes person will be bringing in sustainable clothes for sale  Wednesday April 24: Perper plaza: 12pm-2:30pm:Trivia! How much do you know about what it takes to go green? Repreve prizes for the winners!Perper Plaza: 4pm- Repreve organized trash pick up Thursday April 25: Christine’s lawn: 11:30 am -2:30 pm - Carbon footprint calculator. DeHoernle Lecture Hall: 3:30-5:30pm - Boca Raton Green Ride program spokesperson talks to students about transportation alternatives. Friday April 26: Perper Plaza: 12-2pm Closure of event consists of a recap of the events in the AG theatre while a Repreve spokesperson talks to students.

Lunch served picnic style showcasing organic local meal hosted by the Boca Raton Green Market. People will find about the event through different social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram, our website, internet ads, flyers and PSAs. Target audience: male and female resident and commuter students (17-24 yrs/old.
Male and female staff and faculty members. Website: repreveresolve.jimdo.com The End.
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