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Mars Won

No description

Kiah Adcock

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Mars Won

Mars Won
When can we expect this?
2013- Crew selection began
2015- Training will begin
2022- Living Units are sent
2024- First Crew Departs
2025- First Crew Lands
2026- Second Crew Departs [3]
Living Units
Use technology that's been in use for years!
Cited Sources Cont.
What is Mars One?
Mission to send humans to Mars
One way ticket
Anyone can apply [1]
How will this be possible?
Stimulation training
Canned and freeze dried food
Special living units [4]
Marssuits [5]
2 Life support units [7]
4 Living units [8]
What's important in a living unit?
Radiation protection [10]
Pressurized environment
Reasonable amount of space
What could that be?
Airplanes have been around since the early 1900's [13]
Engineers are very familiar with them
Less costly than the new inflatable landers
A New Proposition:
How do the landers fulfill these requirements?
Inflatable and pressurized
Contains wet area for shower and kitchen
Contains airbags for landing
Provides protection from raidiation
200 squared meters for living space [8]
Why Airplanes?
Planes will be easier to engineer to land
Existing technology will be less costly
Protection from harmful rays provided
So much more!
Easy Transport to be Engineered
Can be deployed the same time as the other landers
Airbags can be installed for easy landing
Rovers can prepare them before humans' arrival
Raidiation and Atmospheric Protection
Solid body protects from the Sun's harmful ray's
Windows provide a view
Can also be tinted for extra protection
Pressurization is available to protect from the harsh atmosphere [18], [19]
Use of Lavatories and Other

Can be repurposed into larger bathroom
Expanded to include kitchenette
Connect multiple airplanes for more living space
More Efficient Decision
Especially in the beginning of the mission, airplanes will be a wiser, more cost efficient decision for living units.
Cited Sources
Thank you!
For questions or other inquiries, please contact me by email at adcockk@unm.edu
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