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Generational Differences

Bridging the Generational Gap

Hannah Pease

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Generational Differences

Solving the Generation Gaps Generational Differences Generation X The Silent Generation Also known as Traditionalists

Born between the years of 1925 and 1945

95% are retired

Some are still in a part of the workforce

Got the name “Silent Generation” from a Time article in 1951

Was raised during the Great Depression and WWII

Was a time of much loss in most family units BACKGROUND Characteristics Patriotic


Loyal to a fault

Think of their profession and
self-identity as one in the same

Value earning money

Hard working

Financially conservative born between 1965-1980
also known as the baby bust generation
grew up in a time of insecurity
high divorce rates for parents
poor job market
lower income predicted
many political and social scandals/deaths
latchkey kids
known to baby boomers as "slackers" Personality fun
loyalty issues
prefer instant feedback
balanced lives
high value on education How do we bring the generations together? Getting Communities Involved and informed! Forming committees through local government
Allow for marketing including;
Local news paper
Local radio
Public access channels
Flyers around town Advertising Examples: Come join us for a day of fun for all ages! Get to know your neighbors, meet new people, tell them your story, and listen to theirs. Activity Fair
Games that appeal to every generation
Baby boomer: Board games
Gen X: games to play with their children
Gen Y: popular video games
Goal: To have each generation learn from each other
Gain their interest in the subject Bringing Everyone Together Once we have their interest
Promote continued communication and activity
Inter-generational Activities at the Community Center
Once a month activities
Goal: to get generations together and want to learn Bringing Everyone Together Children, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors! It's time to come together and celebrate. An activities fair will be held to help bring the generations together. Come and share your story! Games, activities, food, and fun await you at the first annual "Bridging the Gap" Activities Fair! Join people of all ages for a day of fun, and learning! The Ultimate Goal! Generation Y First...Who are they? With 50.8% being women
Makes up 28% of the population as of today
Every 7 seconds another baby boomer turns 50
Almost half of every household in the U.S are headed by a baby boomer
Over 10,000 boomers turning 65 each day
Risk doubles for Alzheimer's after age 65
By the year 2030 they will make up 20% of the population Baby Boomers
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