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Technology and Communication in the 1930's

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Avery Fulton

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Technology and Communication in the 1930's

Transportation and Communication
in the 1930's Due to the Great Depression during the 1930's, many people could not afford their own means of transportation, but it was something to hope for. Because very few people had cars, public transportation was popular amongst the United States' population. Cars were merely symbols of hope for a better future and economy. Advancements in transportation were slowed because of the low economy during the Great Depression. The leading car and train companies were competing for the public's business. In order to keep up the changing times, the companies had to be the leading mode of affordable transportation. During these times, people still traveled by horse and wagon, today's equivalent of a taxi cab, but the U.S. was moving towards more modern times, even with the crash of the economy. Businesses continued to modify their vehicles so that they could be sold at lower prices. As seen in the above ads, both the Stream-Lined train company and the Chevrolet truck company were fighting for the best economically affordable deal. This competition pointed transportation towards more modern and price efficient times. Towards the end of the 1930's, cars were becoming more contemporary and sleek. Classic Cars of the 1930's 1930-34 Bugatti type 49 1934 Packard Eight 1936 Buick Series80/90 The first diesel automobile trip is completed. Soon after, Edison tests first United States electric passenger train between Hoboken and Montclair. While in New Jersey, Northland Transportation Company extends bus service across the nation and changes their name to Greyhound Company. Afterwards, congress granted $300 million for road construction. New York City began installing traffic lights; introduced use of yellow traffic light to signal drivers to slow down instead of amber light . New 1930 Transportation Now lets step back in time... Communication Communication in the 1930's The End Candlestick Phone Desk Set Country Kitchen Wall Phone The radio, newspaper, telephone, and mail were all various forms of communication used in the 1930's. In 1934 the first handset telephone was used by independent phone companies. Its official name was the round base rotary dial monophone, but it was nicknamed the "Shirley Temple" phone. In 1935 the FM radio was invented. Before 1935, only the AM radio existed. Examples of Phones from the 1930's
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