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No description

Celena Randolph

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of ADVERTISING

...does it work?

Jessica, Madalyn, Sloane,
Katherine, Kayla, and Celena

presented by
Do you recognize these brand logos?
What about these logos?
And these logos?
the goal of advertising
To inform the general public about the company or product being advertised. This is done in order to gain more potential customers, in hopes that a business will then sell more of its product, make more money, and become a larger or more successful company.
The main elements in creating an effective advertisement are:
A focus on the target audience.
Eye-catching banner advertisements.
A clear call to action.
Conversion tracking.
" The fact that businesses must advertise their products is proof that free enterprise will lead to the general overproduction of goods."
Is advertising an economic waste?
General Advertising Expenses...
1.) The Superbowl
30 second commercial costs $4 million
$21 billion in sales.
Traditional Target Audience: 18-40 year old males.
Company Goal: Make products appeal to a wide variety of people.
Advertising Gimmicks:
1.) Uses well-known athletes to promote products.
2.) Catchy slogan campaigns: JUST DO IT
3.) Originally used emotional branding and the story of heroism.
$2.8 billion on marketing
That's $8 million a day
$300,000 per hour
$100 every second!
New Balance
Traditional Target Audience: Serious runners, 30+ years old.
New Target Market: "Join Us" Campaign that targets casual runners from 18-29 years old.
$2.39 billion in sales.
Advertising Gimmicks:
1.) Emphasis on it being American based or "Made in USA"
2.) Emotional branding that encourages social groups or "running together".
3.) Uses online and social media advertisements, as well as the traditional mediums of advertising.
$14.4 million on marketing
That's $39,452 every day
$658 per hour
$11 every second!
Approximately $13 billion in annual revenue.
Advertising Gimmicks:
Traditional Target Audience: People looking for affordable auto insurance.
1.) Uses a wide variety of advertisement mediums: radio, television, print, and even use planes with promotional banners.
2.) Attention grabbing and memorable mascots such as the GEICO Gecko, the GEICO Caveman, and Maxwell the Pig.
$1.1 billion on marketing
That's about $3 million a day
$125,770 per hour
$34.88 every second!
State Farm
Approximately $1.8 billion in annual revenue.
Traditional Target Audience: People looking for reliable auto insurance. However,they also sell home insurance and health insurance plans.
Advertising Gimmicks:
1.) Uses a wide variety of advertising mediums: television, radio, print, and even t-shirts.
2.) Familiar, catchy jingle: " Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!"
$590 million on marketing
That's $1.6 million a day
$67,351 per hour
$18.71 per second!
$3.4 billion in sales annually.
Traditional Target Audience: Working class people.
Advertising Gimmicks:
1.) Wide variety of advertisement mediums: television, internet, billboards, etc.
2.) Discounts! They mail coupons to homes to get customers in the door.
3.) Recognizable Mascot: Bo Dietl.
4.) Catchy slogan: " I'm thinkin' Arby's!" and the Arby's Jingle from 2011 "It's Good Mood Food!"
$125 million on marketing
That's $342,465 a day
$14,269 per hour
$3 every second!
Over $24 billion in sales!
Traditional Target Audience: Primarily people on a budget and young adults.
Advertising Gimmicks:
1.) Wide variety of advertisement mediums: radio, television, internet, etc.
2.) Emphasis on value meals or "The Dollar Menu"
3.) The Kid's Menu and play places appeal to families with small children
4.) Catchy jingle and slogan: " I'm lovin' it."
5.) Mascot: Ronald McDonald.
$988 million on marketing
That's $2.7 million a day
$113,000 per hour
$31.00 per second
But how effective is advertising? Does it really help to get a company or a product's name out there?
The following video takes a look at how much of an impression advertising can leave on people...
So, is it TRUE or FALSE?
As a group, we believe that the opening statement is
Advertising, when done right, is clearly not an economic waste because it can make a company very successful!
In the end, it all depends on how a company handles its marketing enterprise when it starts out that will determine if the money goes to waste or not.
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