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Slender Man

No description

Samantha Simmons

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Slender Man

FAKE: The Slender Man By: Samantha Simmons History Sightings Characteristics Literary References Psychological Tricks Slender Man is the most intriguing Urban legend character, as is proven by his history, characteristics, and psychological tricks. Dates back to about 9000 B. C. in Brazil.
Hieroglyph found in Egyptian times, about 3100 B. C., in a Pharaoh's tomb. The History of Slender Man Hieroglyphs in Pharaoh's tomb. Brazilian cave paintings History of Slender Man (Cont.) Shown in a woodcutting made by Hans Freckenberg, who disappeared in 1543.
American legends say the Slender Man was brutally tortured before death.
A Romanian folktale tells of a family hypnotized and murdered by Der Grossman, or "Tall Man." Hans Freckenberg's woodcutting of the "Tall One" Tracy Henderson disappeared on June 15, 1953.
June 15, 1956, Ted Henderson (father) refers to a "skinny fella.. in a suit.. lookin' at me." who took his daughter.
Picture taken a week before shows a man in a suit, identity unknown, standing by the stables. Henderson Horse Farm Stirling City Disappearances. June 1, 1986- 14 children disappeared.
2 weeks later the photographer of this picture went missing.
Officials dismissed the man in the background's multiple limbs as film defects. Characteristics Multiple Snake-like upper limbs.
Minimal facial features.
6-15 feet tall.
Always wears a suit Characteristics Prefers forest-like areas.
Prefers to "stalk" those under the age of 16.
Is said to usually only be seen if you fear him. Psychological Standpoint Uses psychological torture, stalks those who had tragedy during childhood.
Stalks victims for long periods of time, creating "Slender sickness."
This is a psychological state in which the victim will experience nose bleeds, tremors, extreme paranoia, nightmares, hallucinations, and ultimately lose their minds. Psychological Standpoint Thought to have ability to use proxies.
Type of psychosis, similar to hypnosis.
Can make a person act a certain way.
Creates a result similar to that of a possessed person.
Proxy can complete all physical interactions, or serve as a communication medium. Literary References Popular guro author Go Waita created almost 230 stories about "The Suited Demon."
Stan Lee, creator of Dr Octopus, made him to the image of his Romanian mother's old stories. Literary References The Tall Man in the Phantasm series shows an obvious resemblance to Slender Man.
Reverend Henry Kane in Poltergeist II: The Other Side and Poltergeist III is also thought to be modeled on the Slender Man.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured an episode where a series of creatures known as The Gentlemen appear, tall figures in suits. Slender Man's action, characteristics, and evidence allow us to conclude that if he is real, he is truly a intriguing creature. Slender Man's history is both long and interesting as it dates back to ancient times. The evidence that Slender Man exists is confusing for those who don't believe in him. The characteristics that Slender Man possesses make him different from any other legend or fairytale. Slender Man's main way to capture his victims is through psychological torture. Some characters in movies and books are derived from the Slender Man What I Learned: We should definitely be scared and curl up in a ball and cry or something. The End Work Cited: All images are from google images.


The Slender Man Documentary posted by huntghosts
The Slender Man Documentary posted by emblemstudio German Renaissance Artist Hans Baldung Grien's The Three Ages of Death
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