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Race and Sport


Samantha James

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Race and Sport

Racism in Sport
What makes this French sprinter
Men's 100m Olympic
Final 2012
Men's 50m Freestlye
Final 2012
Statistics USA Sport
Can you think of three UK sports where athletes are predominately white and three sports where athletes are predominately black/Asian? What are your thoughts on this?
In our multicultural society, people of all races and ethnic backgrounds take part in sport at all levels. As a result of this we often assume that they face no problems in sport. However there is discrimination and disadvantage in sport as there is in everyday life
Exam Question

1. Explain the factors that affect participation in physical activity with specific reference to race.
Current Issues in Sport
Look at the information sheet on
London 2012
Euro 2012

answer the questions in pairs.
Balotelli: Racism makes me feel alone 2012
Racism means not treating people of different races equally. Racists often hold stereotypical views about people from different backgrounds. This leads to sporting myths, such as ‘black people can not swim at top levels’.
‘Stacking’- the disproportionate concentration of ethnic minorities in certain positions on a sports team

American Football is a good example to use where your race can be a discriminating factor. They used to have a ‘white male’ as quarterback as it was believed that he would make better decisions than the ‘black male’ who was used for his physical abilities instead.

The media promotes sport as a ‘way out of the ghetto’. Think of Kenyan runners - what do we know about them?

The midnight basketball league was designed to keep young black men off the streets in America.

Certain sports are aimed at ethnic minorities- The Asian Games for example.
Ethnicity/ Race
Ethnicity/ Race
Many campaigns have been highlighted to stop racism in sport- e.g. “Lets Stamp racism out of football”. Such campaigns highlight that this is a national not local issue.

The question of opportunity and access is again raised- ethnic minorities should have the same access to achieve success as everyone else.

Think of football managers- not many black footballers go into management.

There has been a definite rise in the number of black athletes in professional sport over recent years. However, can the same be said about ethnic minorities?
The Sports Council
In 1993 the Sports Council published a policy and their objectives still apply. Their aims are to work towards the elimination of racial disadvantage and discrimination. In order to achieve better quality sport for black and ethnic minority people.
Their main objectives are:
To raise awareness of racially inequality in sport
To increase the number of black and ethnic minority decision makers in sport
To increase the number of black and ethnic minority sports people involved in sports organisations
To increase opportunities to improve the level of performance of black and ethnic minority people
The Campaign:
Show Racism the Red Card
Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racism charity, which was established in January 1996. The aim of the organisation is to produce anti-racist educational resources, which harness the high profile of professional footballers to combat racism.

Watch the CNN interview with Balotelli. What are your thoughts on this?
"Discrimination occurs in many sports, not just in football. Despite great progress in the UK, especially in fighting racism, there is still discrimination that must be fought whenever it surfaces. Nevertheless, even though great strides have been made there is no resource where people can easily and quickly access in depth information on discrimination in sport in Britain.We intend to fill that void."

* Show an understanding of the factors affecting participation in sport (RACE)
* Know what is being done to overcome racism in sport
Learning Objectives
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