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animal life

No description

Tyzell Bradley

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of animal life

The physical features of natural environment is trees,mountains,hills lakes,valleys,and herbs
Natural environment meaning
physical features of environment
Tribal adaptations
Food was buffalo ,deer,elk,bear,turnips,potatoes
Shelter teepees, lodges,and round houses
clothing was shirts,leggings dresses
Disadvantages not enough rain or water so that trees can grow .Also we think that they didn't have alot of wild berries because they grow trees and trees need water to grow .Another they have a few lakes or any water source
buffalo is filled with different kind of food.
snow tigers can stay warm for 7 days at
least or less or more
by karina
A natural environment is everything surrounds us
video of animal life
natural environment of grasslands
by:Allen Cox
Hope you enjoyed

Origin story of the comanche tribe
By:Ariany Polonia Ramos
Defenition of orgin story:To tell how the Earth and its people became to be.
Jobs:women did house work,Men did hunt fight,and traded
The comanche were rulers in the Great plains in the 1700's and became known as the lords of the suothern plains.Renowed for their horsemanship,they defended their land from all intruders.
The comanche tribe is located in the grasslands that is in central U.S.A.
The climate is very hot
The Comanche triad is a great plane tribe that is
nomadic .
nomadic mean to move from one place to another
]They had lots of fun and work done each day they fair about what
they need and what they don’t need and they give back what they take from her .

Tyzell,karina,jovani allen Ariany
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