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Reducing Stress in Childbirth

No description

Debby Gould

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Reducing Stress in Childbirth

'You see things and say Why?
But I dream things that never
were and say why not!

We live in a society where we are making the extraordinary ordinary and then the now ordinary extraordinary
All birth is beautifully special as midwives and doctors
we must practice the art of what is possible'
George Bernard Shaw

naturally occurring
an altered state of awareness
self hypnosis
James Braid
Milton Erikson

Hypnosis for pain relief and
management during labour
November 2012
Madden et al
7 trials 1213 women
Differences in timing and technique
High degree of bias

No difference in

analgesia (RR 0.63, CI 95% 0.39 -1.01)
spontaneous birth (RR 1.35 RR 95% 0.93-1.96)

Some evidence of reduced..
pain intensity
length of labour
length of stay

'Needs more research'
'Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind' Rudyard Kipling
Antenatal Education
Massage & breathing
Fear is based on what we have learnt in the past and what we imagine for the future
Reducing Stress in Childbirth: The Benefits of Hypnobirthing
@debbygould debby.gould1@nhs.net

Positive suggestion
Eye Fixation
Arm leverage
Amy Cuddy
Time distortion
Psychological and physical pain relief
Amnesia and metaphor

'You must learn a new way to think
before you can find a new way to be'
Marrianne Williamson
' And finally a present for you'
Power Posing
Lower Cortisone
Increase testosterone
Do a quick body audit!
'Fake it till you become it'
Amy Cuddy TED Talks
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