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Process of I-search

By: Jared:D

Jared Morton

on 9 February 2012

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Transcript of Process of I-search

Thank you for your time! Process of an I-search What is a I-search? An I-search is a project
that you do to tell your
teacher and audience what
type of career choice you
would like to pursue! What's the point in doing it?? The point in doing it is, to
help give a better understanding
of what you would like to do and
what interest's you. Is it a hard project? It isn't that hard of a project
to do. As long as you have
ALOT of research on your
topic, then you'll be just fine! I will warn you. It is very time consuming.
It will take you up to about a month to complete
everything you need done perfectly! Materials needed. The materials you need are very simple.
You will need computer access, paper, pencil,
flashdrive, sources for information, and a strong topic. You will also need a poster board,
model that relates to your topic, a
way to make your model, a person
to interview for extra information,
and pictures to go on either a poster
board or a slide show. What makes up an I-search? Parts of an I-search An I-search consist's of many parts, which have to be done,
in order to create a great and most successful I-search! Here are the main parts to an I-search:

Title page

Introduction(tells why you chose the topic)

Story of the search(tells what sources were used)

Interview(10 questions and answers that you asked a individual)

Story of the findings(sums up your research, notes, and must be 2 pages long)

Conclusion(restates your topic, sums everything up, and tells what you've learned during the process) What is the model for? A model is basically used as a visual example of
the job in which you've chosen. When created, it must relate to your topic somehow and you must be able to tell what it is and how it relates to your topic. It also helps provide a visual representation for the audience and gives off a better understanding. Also, be sure that it is hand made and not bought from a store. What's the presentation? The presentation is where you present your
entire project to your class. It does not need
to be spoken word-for-word of what you have
written or typed in your paper. But it does need
to show that you have a understanding of your topic!
It needs to be 5 minutes long(at the minimum).
You need to be sure to obtain eye contact with
your audience the entire time. You will not be
able to carry your paper to the podium, so be
sure to either memorize key parts or write them
down on flashcards. You will also need to look relaxed and be
confident with what you say. If your not, then
your audience will think that you have no clue what
your talking about, which will make them lose interest. The last main part about the presentation, that you need to know, is that if you mess up, keep going. Don't let them know you made a mistake because, they don't know exactly what your going to say. You can always sum up what you written on your cards that way you don't have to look down constantly. Now when we do a posterboard or
slide show, what all needs to be in it? Now a posterboard and/or slide show need to
include the same things. All they need is up to
10 pictures, at the minimum, relating to your topic.
They also need to have a precise description below
them telling how the relate to your topic. Also, you
do not have to do both the posterboard and slide show,
you only have to do one. How did you feel before you began
the I-search? I personally had mixed feelings about it. I felt
really nervous and thought it would be very
difficult to do. But as I got into it, I gradually
realized that it was quite easy. How do you feel about
your own I-search project? I actually feel really confident about my I-search. I done everything that needed to be done and followed my rubric precisely. Now to finish this up! Now, as you can see an I-search project does have
a lot of parts to it. They may seem difficult at first,
but once you get into it you realize it's easy. Just
stick to your rubric and get ALOT of research done
and you'll be just fine. I hope this helped you get a
better understanding of the process and purpose of
an I-search project.
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