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Marlene Muniz

No description

marlene muniz

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Marlene Muniz

Marlene Muniz
Great California Shakeout
Topics of Discussion
Important Date
Disaster Procedures
Evacuation Line Up
Line Leaders
Important Date
The day i would pick to practice is Oct, 22 2014
Disaster Procedures
Some of the procedures are to duck under a table, and cover your head even though your in or outside somewhere.
Evacuation Line Up
The evacuation line up for the "C" building would be the Baseball JV field.
Line Leaders
The line leaders for this kind of emergency would be a grown up older than me to give directions.
On this great shake out, we are all going to panic even though we make up rules for it. I think we should at least try to work out a better plan, so a lot of us work get hurt. We should have underground basements of cement to be secure. Adults should look after their children for this occasion. So we should at least practice this at home with the family.
Alexis Taite
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