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Nick Trevino

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of UFC

Ultimate Fighting Championship HISTORY Rules of the game UFC was first inspired by Vale Tudo fighters in Brazil, it is meant to showcase an MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, fighters abilities against another. The first match was held Novemeber, 12 1993 in Denver Colorado. In non-title fights the fighters are alotted three, five minute rounds. Title fights consists of five, five minute rounds. The fight is over is a fighter is knocked out, or tapped out by way of submission. Submissions include, choke holds and joint locks. No biting, hair pulling, or kicking/kneeing an opponent that is on the ground. EQUIPMENT USED 4 oz. UFC fingerless gloves are used, as well as shorts that have a double or triple seem that makes it very heard for them to rip. MOVES Moves consist of standard standup fighting, although kicks are allowed any where but the groin area Many popular moves are low leg kicks, that of which are seen in Muy Thai kickbowing, as well as rear naked chokes, and arm bars which are popular submissions. SkILLS The skills have perfected over the years but many fighters choose to have a "strong ground game" refering to grapling, or fighting on the ground. Many fighters are well trained in Jui Jitsu which specializes in joint locks and work on the ground, as well as Muy Thai to incorporate powerful kicks FAMOUS FIGHTERS RoYCE GRACIE FOREST GRIFFIN CHUCK LIDDEL fEDOR EMELIANENKO FIGHTING SPACE All fights take place in a ring shaped in an octogon.
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