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One Direction Essay

No description

Alicia Vos

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of One Direction Essay

One Direction:
The Making Of Niall Horan Niall James Horan has always been a musical guy, he has played guitar since he was a little boy, and also performed around hometown, Mullinger, Ireland. He says he is a fan of both rock and swing and listens to Sinatra, Bublé, Bon Jovi, and The Script. Zayn Malik Zayn Jawaad Malik was looking for an experience. He wasn't always into music and refused dancing. Because of his mixed heritage, Zayn was never accepted in his school. His role model is Bruno Mars and he likes R&B and Rap. Louis Tomlinson Louis William Tomlinson constantly took part in in-school
and out of school produtions. People he looks up to, are Robbie Williams
and Ed Sheeran. Harry Styles Harry Edward Styles was in a band called, "White Eskimo" as the lead singer before auditioning for X- Factor. His role models are Elvis Presley, Coldplay, and Kings Of Leon. Liam Payne Liam James Payne performed in front of 26 000 even before he auditioned for X-Factor. He had the amazing opportunity to sing at a local football game and everyone loved him. He auditioned for X-Factor at 14 and made it to the judges house before Simon made him go home. But he didn't give up, he was back at 16 ·Stage 1: Producers auditions
Stage 2: Judges auditions
Stage 3: Bootcamp
Stage 4: Judge's house
Stage 5: Finals (Live Show) ·Each member auditioned separately ·Simon Cowell thought they would be better as a group ·First prize- recording contract
- 1 million Euros "One Direction are stupid, gay,and ugly." Yup, definitely gay... 2 Brit awards 1 American Kids Choice awards Yup, definitely gay... 2 MTV Music Video Awards 2 Albums COMIC RELIEF Definitely stupid... Super ugly... One Direction is a band who is not only successful,
but also gives back. Red Nose Day 3 U.K. KCAs
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