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Submission to Local Net work

No description

General Jiang

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Submission to Local Net work

Submission to Local Network by General, Kevin and Mitch Global Compact A committee which audits the forced labor issues
across the value chain Recommendation1 Recommendation2 "Businesses should uphold the elimination of
all forms of forced and compulsory labour." Principle 4 "Businesses should encourage the development and
diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies." Principle 9 Laborers: fair wages and welfare
Corporation: rehabilitated image
Shareholders: superior financial performance
Special interest groups: achieved goals Benefits for Stakeholders Independence of committee members
An audit report that everyone can review
employed directly by board of directors

Extra expenditure
corporations with special interest groups Challenges to Overcome A workshop, seminar, or conference to share
environment-friendly knowledge and technology. Benefits for Stakeholders United towards A Bright Future Investigation committee:
widely applicable for different industries
— a virtuous circle

Technology-sharing platform:
confidential information disclosed voluntarily
— a choice
Investigate forced labor issues in both upstream and downstream companies

Disclose to the public an independant report on a timely basis Successful projects or brilliant ideas

In any forms: seminar, workshop, conference

Outcomes rather than research processes Corporations: sustainable development
public image build-up

Shareholders: booming profits

Society: an improved living condition

Government: reduced financial expenditure Challenges to Overcome Confidentiality of technology:
Voluntary instead of compulsory

Unwillingness to innovate
limitations to companies with no contribution "Our mission is to bridge the gap between companies and the society, uniting everyone towards a sustainable world." Bridge Consultancy Pty Ltd

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“The Ten Principles.” United Nations Global Compact. Accessed August 28,

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http://www.verite.org/Vision/May2011 Reference List
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