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Trip Hop

No description

Andrew Carew

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Trip Hop

Defining Trip Hop "Trip hop is a blend of electronica and hip-hop, urban and ethereal, street and ambience. It is music that is thought provoking, sexy, sensual, and deep. Defining trip hop is so difficult because the music is so amorphous, and it spreads across such a wide range of emotions and sounds. Some trip hop is narcotic - extremely mellow strings, a gentle brush beat on the drums, spacey bass lines echoing in the background with sullen female vocals at a whisper's volume. Some trip hop is loud - in your face with turntables burning themselves up, bass driven hip hop beats, thumping bass lines and rapping. A good deal of what is between these 2 examples would classify as trip hop." Portishead - Roads TRIP HOP TRIP HOP TRIP HOP What is trip hop? Where and when did it originate? Which artist's popularized the genre? How has it influenced other music? How has the genre evolved? What I'll be discussing: The Orgins of Trip Hop -Trip hop began in the mid 1980s and has roots in Bristol, England.

-Bristol was once one of the most important ports in the Atlantic slave trade, making it one of England's most racially diverse cities.

-This diversity contributed to a wide variety of popular music including reggae, dancehall and dub during the 80s. -Both black and white British youth became avid listeners of hip hop, influecenced by the American music scene of this period.

-Hip hop in England was infused with elements from dancehall, R&B, and soul.

-Bristol's soundsystem (1983-1986), The Wild Bunch, helped create the city's signature sound of trip hop. The Mainstream Breakthrough -In 1988, The Wild Bunch signed a record deal and evolved into the band Massive Attack.

-Massive Attack recieved considerable contributions from the English producer and musician, Tricky Kid (later shortened to Tricky) who rapped on their debut album Blue Lines.

--The term trip hop was coined in 1994 to describe the genre, as the spoken word samples, strings, melodies, bizarre noises, prominent bass, and slow beats gave the listener the impression they were on a "musical trip". Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws
"Tricky" House MD Theme
Massive Attack - Teardrop The Early Life of Tricky -Born in Bristol, his father left the family before he was born and his mother committed suicide when he was four.

-He started writing lyrics when he was 15.

-When he was 17, Tricky spent time in prision after buying counterfeit money from a friend. "Prison was really good. I'm never going back."

-His first album, Maxinquaye, is named after his mother, Maxine Quaye. He says she is speaking through him with his words. -Trip hop's peak popularity took place during 1994. Portishead released their debut album, Dummy, which was awarded the Mercury Music Prize as the best British album of the year, giving trip-hop as a genre its greatest exposure yet.

-After leaving Massive Attack, Tricky gained worldwide fame in 1995 with his first album, Maxinquaye, helping to set the stage for the trip hop scene in England. The Next Generation -The success of Massive Attack, Portishead, and Tricky in 1994 and 1995 inspired the next generation of trip hop artists including Sneaker Pimps, Alpha, and Mudville, who emerged with a more standardized sound.

-These artists began to integrate trip hop with other genres such as ambient, R&B, breakbeat, drum 'n' bass, acid jazz, and new age.

-Trip hop had developed into a diversified genre that wasn't limited to the "deep, dark style" of the early years, eliminating the original impression of trip hop as "dark and gloomy".

-Trip hop has influenced many prominent artists outside the genre, including Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and Deftones, to name a few. Tricky - Black Steel Trip Hop From the Last Decade Wax Tailor - Sometimes
(2007) Little People - Moon
(2006) -Typical tracks sample pianos, flutes, trumpets, turntables, and saxophones.

-These sounds can be produced by real instruments or by a synthesizer. Newer trip hop is more likely to feature synths primarily, while older trip hop tends to be produced mainly with real instruments. There is usually a mix between the two.

-Modern trip hop focuses less on vocals and more on atmospheric, absorbing soundscapes. Many tracks include voice clips and sound effects from other sources such as movies or television shows.
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