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Curriculum Chat

No description

Lauren Wade

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Curriculum Chat

Reading Spelling Field Trips Behavior Laptop Info dmodo Math Social Studies Grading? Writing/ Grammar 10% Class Participation
Skill Application
Grammar Quizzes Assigned on Monday
Sloppy copy due in class on Friday
Final copy due on edmodo Friday Grading? Comprehension 50 %
Vocabulary 20% Comprehension Skills Tests
Reading Counts Tests
-4 Required per nine weeks
Weekly Vocabulary Tests Vocabulary Words given Monday
-Be able to write complete sentences showing meaning. Reading Data Folders Conferencing Small groups Independent Reading Economics Space Exploration Forces & Motion Assessments Testing Policies Homework Both formal and informal assessments are given throughout the year in all subject areas.

Some common assessments are:
-FAIR- Reading
-Thinklink- Science & Math
-Math Chapter Tests
-Science/Social Studies Unit Tests
-Spelling Tests
-Vocabulary Tests
-Comprehension Tests

-Online Testing
-Clickers SCR- Sign, Correct, and Return 70% or below

*Math Chapter Tests
*Social Studies Chapter Tests
*Science Chapter Tests

~Review wrong answers with your child, Sign test, Return next day
-Students will be re-assessed upon return of SCR
-Higher grade of two tests will be taken
-Students can always try for a higher grade!

Make-up tests will be taken upon return

Study guides will be in CAMP Binder and posted on edmodo Reading and math homework nightly
P.A.W. due weekly
Vocabulary Sentences- first day of the week
Subject area or special projects will be sent home occasionally

Homework posted on edmodo- student responsibility to check

Math Textbook Online
Science & Social Studies Curriculum online- Discovery Education Classroom Economy Leader of the Week Charge laptops nightly!
Monitor your child’s computer
No screen savers or cursors Weekly Newsletter Updates! http://www-ccs.stjohns.k12.fl.us/teachers/tatel/update $ Weekly Word $ C.A.M.P. Binder ~Tests in Planner
~Reading Logs
~Math Homework
~Study Guides
~Morning Work Main source of assignment info Parent Communication- Email Quick questions/ comments Grading? Tests 60%
Quizzes 40% Daily Work includes:
-Whole Group Lesson
-Quick Check
-Differentiated Centers

*Math skills tests at the end of each chapter
*Weekly math facts testing Math Masters Club Science 3rd Quarter = Space & Technology
Patterns in the sky
The Solar System

4th Quarter = Physical Science
Matter & its properties
Changes in matter 1st Quarter= Life Science
Plants & how they grow
How animals live
Plants & animals living together

2nd Quarter = Earth Science
Rocks & soil
Changes on earth 2nd Quarter= Geography (location)
Name and identify basic elements of a map
Uses of maps, table, charts, graphs
Label Continents and oceans on a world map
Compare Maps & Globes

3rd Quarter = Map Skills
Identify & label the five regions of the United States
Identify the countries and commonwealths in North America
Study of North America: climate, vegetation, environmental influences, cultural characteristics 4th Quarter = Civics and Government
Purpose and levels of government (local, state, federal)
How government is organized
Identify Branches of Government
How government was established and written (Constitution) 1st Quarter= Economics
Identify types of resources
Supply and demand
Trade of goods and supplies
Benefits of personal saving and spending Find out why our class is so SWEET! A tested & graded subject! Thanks for hiking the trail with us!
Any questions? Based on 8 Habits Featured on Weekly Newsletter UNRAAVEL P.A.W. A tested & graded subject!
We will utilize science lab, hands-on units, experiments online, integrated with leveled literature
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