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Chemistry In Hockey

No description

Casey McCarthy

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Chemistry In Hockey

Area Of Interest In Relation To Chemistry
Structural Formula
For The Future
Type Of Bond
Where Do The Elements Come From
Different chemicals and chemical bonds create higher flexibility, lighter weight, and more powerful shots.
The changes in chemical bonds of composite hockey sticks have changed cost drastically from $50 when sticks where wooden to now upwards of $300 for a decent stick.

As newer elements come up hockey sticks will change
Price will continue to change
As sticks and other gear changes the game will change
Kevlar hockey sticks are the most expensive running on average $350
Other composite sticks include
Chemical formula of Kevlar: C14H10N2O2
14 Carbon, 10 Hydrogen, 2 Nitrogen, 2 Oxygen
Kevlar is a Covalent bond becasue it is a polymer
It creates longe straight stands
Kevlar is a man made fiber created by compressing carbon, hydrogen,nitrogen, and oxygen.
Carbon-found in diamond and graphite
Hydrogen-made from a natural gas some from bio methane
Oxygen-found in water and plants

Kevlar hockey sticks are in tight weaved chain structures that average to be lighter than a half pound
The Chemical Bond Of Sticks
Chemistry In Hockey
What Makes A Stick Flex?
Professional Hockey Player
Annual Salary: $2.9 Million
Items Used: Helmet, Sticks
Skates,Jersey, Pants, Elbow Pads, Knee Pads, ETC.

Composite Hockey Sticks-Kevlar
Benifits and Downfalls of Being a Hockey Player in Relation to Chemistry
Being a professional athlete is not something that uses many chemicals as much as a doctor would.
The downfall would be that when a player has to buy lighter equipment often those things are made with elements used that are very rare to find.
*Hockey is the most expensive sport to play
*Different types of bonding and elements change the type of stick you get
*Change of stick gives you different shot accuracy, stick handling,weight, and power
*Price is a large factor in choosing equipment
How much is the average Kevlar stick?

Name three types of composite sticks.
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