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daniela marin

on 23 May 2013

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METHODOLOGY CONCLUSIONS EFFECTS OF SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY UTOPIA? Type of investigation Not easy to change DANIELA MARIN REY THE WORLD IS NOT INFINITE Do we want to continue living on a healthy planet? They think a change is so difficult Is it impossible? IS THE EARTH SENTENCED TO DEATH? UTOPIA? Potential decrease of natural resources Major problems ECONOMICAL ACTIVITIES INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY Without destroying the world, by wasting the resources and creating big pollution where we can satisfy our actual needs, without damaging the needs on the future POSSIBLE SOLUTION SUSTAINABILITY Large amounts of material Once constructed they continue being a direct cause of pollution emissions How is it possible to follow the process of the development of the earth? GENERAL Investigate the bad impacts of the industrial construction activity OBJECTIVES Determine what the activity of sustainable construction consists on Analyze how sustainable construction could minimize the bad effects that humans cause on the earth Research about the sustainable buildings that have already been built and the projects that have been made in Colombia Analyze if sustainable construction could be a viable solution for the survival of our planet We're all on this together Solidarity towards the world •ALAVEDRA, Pere. “La construcción sostenible. El estado de la cuestión” Special in housing and social participation.Available in: http://habitat.aq.upm.es/boletin/n4/apala.html

•ARENAS, Francisco. “Los materiales de construcción y el medio ambiente”
Available in: http://huespedes.cica.es/aliens/gimadus/17/03_materiales.html

•HERNANDEZ, José; SANCHEZ, Víctor. “Impacto ambiental de proyectos carreteros. Efectos por la construcción y conservación de superficies de
rodamiento: ii pavimentos rígidos”
Available in: http://www.imt.mx/archivos/Publicaciones/PublicacionTecnica/pt173.pdf

•Construmatica. “Impactos Ambientales en el Sector de la Construcción”
Available in: http://www.construmatica.com/construpedia/Impactos_Ambientales_en_el_Sector_de_la_Construcci%C3%B3n

•Bioconstrucción. “¿Qué es la Construcción Sostenible?”
Available in: http://www.bioconstruccion.biz/index.php?ref=construccionsostenible.php

•Green living projects. “Lidership in Energy and Environmental Design”Available in: http://www.greenlivingprojects.com/en/leed.php •Canada green building council. “LEED: the international mark of excellence”Available in: http://www.cagbc.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=LEED

•EBINGEL (Escobar-Botero ingieneria electrica) “Leed certification in Colombia” Sustainable design and construction in developing.
Available in: http://www.ebingel.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=107&Itemid=206

•Consejo de construccion sostenible, Colombia. “Sustainable construction”Available in: http://www.cccs.org.co/nosotros/alianza-con-el-usgbc

•U.S Green building council. “Leed certification” Available in: http://www.usgbc.org/LEED/Project/RegisteredProjectList.aspx

•Casa dolce casa. “Leed information, Green area”Available in: http://www.casadolcecasa.com/es/leed.asp

•Semper Green. “Instant green solutions for roof, wall and ground covering” Product overview.Available in: http://www.sempergreen.com

•Camargo, Adriana. “Revista de la construccion sostenible” URBANA, ed.56 (march-may 2013)

•“Especial construcción sostenible” Revista Semana 18 feb. 2013: page 64-72.

•Casado Martínez, N (1996) Edificios de alta calidad ambiental (Ibérica, Alta Tecnología ISSN 0211-0776)

•Kilford, Steven (1996) Sustainable Construction, The UK viepoint, The BRSIA Report CIBW82 WEBGRAPHY AND BIBLIOGRAPHY IN COLOMBIA... Colombia is working to promote and regulate the efficient construction projects in large cities and they don’t forget that the 76% of the population lives in urban areas.

Also Colombia is regarded as the seventh world's cleanest country, according to Forbes. Because much of the energy consumed comes from hydroelectrics near cities, which makes us very efficient. ADVANCES Agreement signed on 19 May 2011 between IFC of the World Bank and Camacol

Supported by

The Government to turn Colombia into a pilot project of sustainable buildings in Latin America

Reducing in 15 years 19% of the energy consumption in buildings, that could be reflected in a decrease of 24% of carbon use Torre Krystal La Reserva de Potosi Alfot Bogota Airport Ambar Oceanic Project of the pharmaceutical enterprise “Novartis” 8 buildings consuming less energy and water 53 hectares, 80% goes to park and nature Green terraces, collect rain for irrigation Hotel, gold category in the LEED system Beach club in Santa Marta LEED® Helping professionals across the country to improve the quality of our buildings and their impact on the environment. 135 countries Requirements •Design in areas of sustainable construction
•Safeguarding water resources
•Energy efficiency and use of renewable sources
•Storage composition and origin of construction materials and raw materials
•Quality of life in the interiors
•Design innovation The project has to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and meet the standards previously set by the USGBC for certification of buildings 1)Certified: 26-32 points
2)Silver : 33-38 points
3) Gold: 39-51 points
4)Platinum: 52-69 points In Colombia the sustainable construction is every day growing, based on some studies they represent the 11% of the licensed area of the country. Strategy for minimizing the environmental impact Minimizing energy consumption Urban planning: Location Quality of the building a)Use of recyclable materials for aggregates of concrete.
b)Recycling of materials: using them in walls, ceilings and floors, may include industrial waste.
c)Reuse of waste of other construction or demolition in landfills.
d)Try to reduce emissions of gasses in the transport of materials.
e)Choose correctly the materials that don't release hazardous chemicals and components with a low rate of ODP (ozone depletion potential). insulation and ventilation
control systems of energy in buildings and other automatic controls
use of monitors and energy managers
control computer of lighting, temperature and climatic conditions
development in application of low energy and clean technologies
renewable energy sources
design based on low consumption of energy and planning for energy efficiency a)Existence of landscape, architectural and ecological importance of the location.
b)Assessment of the environmental impact.
c)Possible uses of transport.
d)Suitable arrangements for the disposal of waste.
e)Impacts in the process of construction, such as an increase in the number of transport, dust and noise. a)Limit the economic risk.
b)Create the eco-labeling for buildings.
c)Reduce construction costs.
d)Improve the dissemination of those technologies and systems of general interest. Ability of the environment to take human pressure so that natural resources are not degraded irreversibly. In construction... Goes towards a reduction of the environmental impacts caused by the processes of construction Origin in the extraction of natural resources to its preparation, including the manufacturing process and energy consumption, creating toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

Energy consumption
Waste production
Incidence in the greenhouse effect
Impact on the ozone layer IMPACT OF CONSTRUCTION To carry out an efficient use of energy and its conservation: Break routine and bad habits Extremely challenge Many associations INITIATIVES Programs with environmental approaches in universities Certification of buildings We should encourage the energy systems based on renewable energy and products The requirements are perfectly suitable to our society, to Colombia. Construction expenses increases (20%)

Becomes a saving
Improvements in quality of life

If the technologies are generalized the cost will be reduced. Develop an interview to a specialist in the industrial construction activity. Analyze the information obtain and finally elaborate the conclusions Descriptive method Description, analysis and interpretation of the current nature PHASES Elaborate a theoretical feedback

of every aspect of sustainability, as the good and bad points of this activity, the possible ways to perform it and about the constructions of this type that have already been built. Sergio Marin, the general manager of Marval S.A, a construction company in Colombia. He is a civil engineer with a master of science in Oregone state university, USA. In the interview the Dr. Marin told us Marval´s projects in sustainable construction, because they just recruit to the CCCS and they will develop the first sustainable city in Colombia.

That will be called the City of Rio Hato, this will have proper recycling, solar energy generation, green roofs, water-saving devices and ways to use the bikes. Knowing about this crisis is INDISPENSABLY essential as humanity needs to take action against all the problematics. There is hope if we apply sustainability in high proportion He also recommends that there must be a commitment and awareness among the government, business and society. He agrees that the advantages are numerous, not only for the environment but also on health. The sustainable construction can make reality this utopia It is the way to change the path we are following with the damaging of the earth
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