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This is about Bono, learning about him and stuff =3 for a class project

Mary Porier

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Bono

Double click anywhere & add an idea Bono Bono, a rock star legend.. His name, Paul David "Bono" Hewson Birthday May 10 1960 Legend His instruments, a vocalist and guitar. Bono, wasn't just any singer, he was an activist and one of the greatest rock legends of all time! Bono has been involved with many things outside of his band, U2. His work as an activist is strongly due to his Christian beliefs and Aids. Bono and his wife Ali, have traveled to Ethiopia,to a feeding camp, with the orignization called World Vision. Bono has also traveled to Central America is 1985 to see the damage by US-backed operations in Nicaragua and El Savador, which he toured with his band U2, as part of the Amnesty International beneifeit tour, A Conspiracy of Hope. In the 1990s he campaigned with Green Peace against the Nuclear power plant , in Sellafeild noth of England with had drew attention to the fight raging in Bosina by collaberating with the American journalist, Bill Carter during the Zoo tv tour to create the doctumentary ,
Miss Sarajevo. Bono has rallied many, actors, artist, and campaigners to the cause
of ending Third World debut in his role as spokesman for the Jubilee 2000 project while trying to end Aids, and help to strop povery in Africa by co-founding DATA ( Debut,Aid,trade,Africa.) Bono was key equally in preforming in and helping to organize (Along with friend, Bob Geldof) the live 8 concerts in 2005, a series of events across the globe designed to pressure world leaders to increase aid, cancel third world debut, and improve world debut and improve the terms of trade with the world's poorest countries Random fact : Bono always wears cool shades In 1993 Bono and The Edge attended the festival Against Racism in Hamburg, Germany. The event had a consert, and a press conference. Bono has helped create many capaigns such as,
ONE campaign, DATA , RED, and EDUN. Bono was on Forbes' lsit of Genrous Celebrities for his work
with DATA for fighting against AIDS, and the debut releif in Africa,and the partipation in fundraising concerts like
"Live 8" , and, the donation of $50,000 to ONE in four Ireland, a charity that helps survivors of sexual abuse He has gotten 3 nominations of the Nobel Peace Prize, and he was also Knighted in 2007! In 2008, he met Presidant Sorkozy of France, To duscuss isshues brought to light by DATA ~Now, onto more deep information about the organizations Bono worked for~ Project: RED Project Red, is an idea that transforms collective power as consumers into a finacial force to help others in need. Each time a eprson buys a prduct or service, the company who makes the product, who make and distribute the itrem, and gives 55% of it's profits to perchise medicine to the childreni n Afirca who are suffering from AIDS.
The msot popular brands of the world have became partners with RED. The stores include: Apple, Gap,Converse,Dell,Starbucks,Nike and E.tc. Now, Quotes.. from.. BONO! "Americans, irish people, are good at charity. We like to give, and we give alot, even those who can't afford it. But justice is a higher standard." " And this wise old man asked me to stop.
He said, stop asking God to bless what you're doing. Get involved in what God is doing-- becuase it's already blessed." "My heroes are all alive. I never have worshipped that altar of burnt-out youth." "We're not here today for a victory lap, we're here to pick up the pace.
Because AIDS is outrunning us." Now, some breif history about the band :) .. U2!! The band members had met at, Mount temple secondary school in 1976 . The band had been born/created in their teens. Within four years, they signed to make their first album. In the 1980's they had become an international act. U2 have released 12 studio albums and are amoung the most successful groups in music. U2 has recieved 22 Grammy awards, Which is more then any other group! As you can see, Bono is an acitvist, AND one of the most popular bands of all time! And plus, he's one of my (Mary's) Dad's favourite singers and band :) Yes, It did take me a while to make that piccy!
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