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Reaghan Lapinski

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Inca

Inca Empire
Reaghan Lapinski
They were
South American Indians who ruled an empire in 1532.
South Pacific Ocean side of South America.
Relation to Astronomy
Astronomy played a role in their society by the importance of agriculture. The city, Cuzco was laid out in a way that copied the sky and its astronomical events on the horizon. Most of these events revolved around the sun, moon and stars.
Step 4

Used the Pleiades star cluster to determine the start of the Incan year.
The Pleiades were called the Seven Kids because of the 7 brightest stars, but the Incan could actually see 13 starts
Incans built pillars over looking the city of Cuzco. When the sun rose or set, they would record an exact altitude. Many more pillars were built to keep an accurate time. The people made sacrifices to the sun for in return the sun would rise in a proper place for planting crops.
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