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Communitere MEAL Deck

No description

Willow Brugh

on 23 June 2017

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Transcript of Communitere MEAL Deck

we talk a lot about
but where does it come from?
often, it's people collaborating to solve their own challenges.
the tools they have access to can limit (which is both useful for creativity, but also, well, limiting
sometimes people support the spaces in which folk are working, too
as a resource center grows, we start talking to external parties about how to better support it.
and how to help others set up similar things in other places.
to allocate resources, and to share with others what we're up to, we need metrics.
but how do we get those metrics?
often, people are pulled out of their flow in order to answer long questionnaires or sit in focus group sessions.
we want to meet people where they are. Help them do what they were already doing.
understanding what works
and what we need and use money for
should always be focused on what people are doing and what they need.
Pay attention to collaborations through asking people to appreciate each other.
What tools to people use? What tools do people find lacking?
how are others welcomed into the space?
how do people enter the space?
we believe the passive information generated from these interactions
can inform without disruption
which means

without distraction.
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