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International Adoption !

With the current issues involving Russian adoptive children, international adoption is becoming even more scrict and harder to do.

Stephanie Holm

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of International Adoption !

International Adoption Current issues with adoption: Russia Every year, tens of thousands of Americans successfully adopt children from international locations. However, with current issues involving international adoption, it is becoming impossible to complete an adoption successfully. "Mom, dad warned Dakota County" http://tinyurl.com/y6fepv3
Against int'l adoption: "It's important, wherever possible, for a child to be in their country of origin, to be with their culture, their language, and also extended family," said Lucy Handford.






International adoptees may have hidden mental problems. The most frequent illnesses are reactive attachment disorder and sensory integration dysfunction, both of which often appear in children who have been institutionalized most of their lives in orphanages, where they received little attention or affection. In favor of int'l adoption: There are lots of children – both boys and girls, infants and older kids, healthy and special needs children – available for adoption from a wide array of countries.
When children experience natural disaster in their own country and are left orphans, they need a safe place to call home where they can grow up healthily. http://tinyurl.com/ncruqv

what countries were the children adopted from? "Russian Adoption Gone Wrong"
Haitian Earthquake Affecting Adoption

The need is vast. Even before Tuesday's deadly magnitude-7.0 earthquake, Haiti, one of the world's poorest countries, had 380,000 orphans, according to UNICEF. There is no counting children newly orphaned by the quake, but aid groups estimate the number in tens of thousands.
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