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Allusions Project: Achilles

No description

Edessa Adde

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Allusions Project: Achilles

Edessa, Mariel, Tiana Achilles His mother's attempt to make him immortal - Styx river
"Everything the waters touched became invulnerable"
Sent to Lycomedes, disguised as a girl, but caught by Odysseus
At Troy, distinguised himself as an undefeatable warrior
Greeks took away his wife, and he became angered
Refused to fight for the Greeks, they were losing badly
Patroclus, his friend, was murdered by Trojan hero Hector
Motivated Achilles to fight heroically and avenge Patroclus
Paris and Apollo wounded Achilles, arrow to his heel
Achilles died, but was awarded the mightiest of the Greeks

Achilles is often alluded to his strength, but is most known for his heel - his one weakness
Achilles is also alluded to show boastfulness and many affairs with women. Original Myth Disney Movies Dante's Inferno:
Achilles is mentioned in Dante’s second circle of hell where the promiscuous are held. In line 64 of Inferno V he says “See Helen, who brought about such evil times, which lasted for so long; and great Achilles, whom in the\ end was in combat with love”(Dante). This quote gives him the persona of a man without boundaries, who has toyed with many women, and had many trials when it came to love.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian
Nico suggests to throw Percy into the Styx river. When Percy arrives at the river he comes face to face with Achilles. He warns Percy of the dangers and advises him not do this because “‘It will make you powerful. But it will also make you weak. Your prowess in combat will be beyond any mortal’s, but your weaknesses, your failings will increase as well."
If Percy turns mortal and invincible and that is all he thinks about then he will fail in his mission. Like Achilles's heel, Percy had to think of a point on his body where he would be invincible. This point would keep his soul to his body (his weakness), therefore making him partly mortal which is the only thing that could save him from the burning waters of the river.

The Last Olympian recognized him as a great warrior with one weakness, while Dante referred to him as a promiscuous playboy. Literary Works Hercules: "Achilles was the guy who had it all: the foot speed, the build, the jab, ability to keep going, but that furshlugginer heel of his, he gets nicked there once, and kaboom, he's history
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Phoebus’s horse is named Achilles. In a clever pun, Phoebus commands, “Achilles, heel,” on the way to the cathedral.
Lady and the Tramp: The tramp always gets out of tricky situations and avoids the dog-natchers. But, as Boris says, “even the tramp has an Achilles heel” to which Pedro replies, “Oh yes, the Great Danes: Lulu, Trixie, and Rosita..."

Hercules tells the original story of Achilles, but then ties it in with the story of Hercules when Meg asks Hercules what his weaknesses are. Unlike Achilles, however, Hercules overcomes the challenge when his strength is taken away yet still defeats Hades. The tramp is actually based on Achilles. He is a smart, strong dog, because he never gets caught (Achilles never lost a fight,) but his weaknesses are danes (Achilles was also a womanizer.) When the tramp fell in love with Lady (his weakness,) he was caught and sent to the pound. Bob Dylan’s song “Temporary Like Achilles.” The song speaks of a woman hard to get, who is busy focusing her attention on a man Dylan compares to Achilles. The song says, “Achilles is in your alleyway. He don't want me here. He does brag. He's pointing to the sky, and he's hungry, like a man in drag. How come you get someone like him to be your guard?” The character Achilles at one point had dressed up as a woman while staying with Lycomedes where he abused Lycomedes’ daughter. Dylan most likely referred to the other man in the song as Achilles. Songs Six of the ten ships were named The HMS Achille. In 1744, the HMS Achille was an 8 - gun French sloop captured in 1745 by the Spanish during the war. In 1757, the HMS Achille was a 60- gun ship sold in 1784. In 1780, the HMS Achille was purchased and served as a storeship until 1784 when it was sold. In 1778, the HMS Achille was a 78- gun third rate ship of the line, originally launched as the French Annibal in 1778. She was renamed Achille in 1786, and was captured at the Glorious First of June in 1794. The HMS Achille was broken up in 1796. The last HMS Achille was a 74- gun third rate launched in 1798 and fought at the Battle of Trafalgar. She was later sold in 1865(College 1). The last four ships were named after the French spelling of Achilles. In 1923 the navy sold an iron screw ship named Achilles. In 1921 they sold an armour cruiser with the same name. In 1978 the cruise Achilles was thrown out and lastly, the last Achilles was a Frigates leander class ship sold to Chile in 1990.
Achilles’s name is referenced or mentioned it is usually associated with the picture of a strong greek warrior and hero. With a name like Achilles, how could you not be feared? England understood this, that is why 10 total ships of the Royal Navy were named Achille or Achilles, after the Greek war hero. Royal Navy Ships Were you paying attention? (: 1) What river was Achilles dipped in when he was a baby?
a) The Mississippi River
b) Grand River
c) Styx River
d)Cephissus River Were you paying attention?(:
Answers 1) C The Styx River
2) C Tramp
3) B second level
4) D 10
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