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Problems with the colorado river and it's water cosuption

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sawyer blair

on 13 December 2018

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Transcript of Problems with the colorado river and it's water cosuption

There are many uses of water that humans use. The top 3 are municipal,Agriculture,and industry. Municipal is towns and cities. For example for pools, car wash, watering the lawns. it can also cosist of washing the dishes and taking a shower. Any thing that you use water at your home.The second main use of water in the world is agriculture . Agriculture is all plants and animals. This is the leader for water use. This is for all the dairy products. (cows drink the water that is foreword to milk ,eggs ,yogurt ect.) also any food that you would find in BBQ resturants. You also find agricultur in evey thing. Examples cosist of wheat, vegtabals and fruit. The last main use of water is industral. Industral is any thing that is manufactued as big it can costist of as big as foot ball stadium to as small as a pice of turf any thing that is not food.
Impacts on the eco system
Us humans have done a great dell on the rivers eco system. The ways that humans have effected the water and effected the eco system by building damns in the middle of the desert that has decreed water flow and made the water colder making the Colorado pike minnow, razor back chub hump back chub endanger all do to the loss of habitat from the damns being built. humans use the water from the damns to drink get electricity. also any thing that requirs water in the big city will use water from damns.
spices that were affected
Impacts on the river system
A healthy river system is Fast moving river. This is good because Keeps the sand and the oxygen moving And it is fun for the rafters/river goers. The next, you need cool river in the mountains. This makes sure the fish are happy. That includes trout salmon and greyling. But in the desert you want warm water. THis is good for the humpback chub and it's habitat. Artical Grand Experiment. On the topic you want sand bars in the warm water/desert because it provides habitat for the hump back chub as well. Spring floods. Spring floods stirs up the bottom and keeps the ecosystem alive. Lastly, The fast water that caries the sediment. This makes new sand bars This also carry's minerals down stream. But in recent years all these have changed. Global warming has been making the moutian water warmer, The damns have made currents slower and have made desert water colder because releasing it out of the bottom of the damn. Also The damns have been stopping the water for the spring floods also damns slow the current so sand bars cannot be formed.
problems with the Colorado river
Human uses of water
There are many spices that are effected by humans. Mainly fish are effected. The fish costits of razor back sucker, the hump back chub/boneytail, and the colorado pike minow. They are effected by the cold water.
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