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marketing presentation

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Ahsan Sajjad

on 15 April 2017

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Transcript of marketing presentation

About Unilever
The Five P's
a) 150 million times a day someone somewhere around the globe chooses a Unilever product.
b) Unilever has over 400 brands spanning 14 different categories.
c) Continues development of products according to changing trends.
d) Helping improve diets and daily life.
e) Does not only measures success in financial terms, but also focuses on how results are achieved.
Selecting of a Unilever's Product
Introduction to Unilever
Unilever, a multinational company, is a manufacturing organization operating in over hundred countries all around the globe. The history of Unilever moves back to the year 1885, when William Lever established a soap manufacturing company in the UK with his brothers and named the company “Lever Brothers”.
“We help people around the world meet everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene and well being, with brands that help people look good, feel good and get more out of life.”
Product Portfolio
Goals and Objectives
Group Members
Musawir Masood
Aqsa Jaffri
Maryam Shahbaz Ali
Ahsan Sajjad
Wishal Chaudhry
Muhammad Hassan
Sunsilk is a brand of seven experts:
Sunsilk hairfall shampoo and conditioner
Sunsilk dream soft and smooth shampoo and conditioner
Sunsilk lusciously thick and long shampoo and conditioner
Sunsilk stunning black shine shampoo and conditioner
Sunsilk damaged hair reconstruction shampoo and conditioner
Sunsilk anti-dandruff solution shampoo
Sunsilk for covered hair
Market leader
Practice value based pricing
Differentiation being a key element
Sensitive to price change
Forecasted demand is made every month
Affordable prices
Price range from Rs.6 – Rs. 300
Sunsilk packaging consists of five key principles:
Sunsilk market communication mix consists of:
1. Advertising
Endorsing celebrities
Door to door campaigns
Visiting schools and educational institutes

2. Sales Promotion
3. Public Relations
Readily accessible
Product reaches through retailers, supermarkets and small stores
150 distributers
Knows about the significant characteristics of the product
Places the product along its major competitor like P&G
Displays the sachets distinctly
Business customers are focused on creating shareholder value for themselves
“Sunsilk shampoo” is a product giving marketing value to connect with people
They made R&D on their products
Targets to any society and age
Collaborated with hair experts on hair issues
Marketing Strategies
Marketing Management Orientations
Production Concept:
Sunsilk is pulling itself up to mark of this concept with new range of “seven co-creations”
Customers are quite satisfied with new range solving scalp problems
Customers value product with high availability and affordability, Sunsilk pays more attention on product improvement and its efficient distribution
Product concept:
Sunsilk, which was launched in 1960 was cosmetic in nature
In 1980’s, 2-in-1 shampoo with in-built conditioner and Black Shine Shampoo for long hairs , were key products
In early 1990’s , “Sunsilk purple” with ceramides and “ Sunsilk salon treatment”(sub brand) were launched
During same period, soul target of sunsilk was to correct the popular myth by introducing range of shampoos for specific hair needs and problems, “Sunsilk Black Shampoo”, “Sunsilk Pink shampoo” and “Sunsilk Fruitamins”
The re-launch of the brand as Sunsilk Naturals in October 2003
In 2010, Sunsilk introduced “Sunsilk Co-Creations” to the market
Selling concept:
Sunsilk was launched in North America, for first time out of Pakistan, on the concept of Sunsilk providing “Hairapy”
“Sunsilk nourishment shampoo tail ki khoobioun ko lock karay aur aapkay baaloun ko unlock karay”, another concept
Selling concept’s idea was being fulfilled with the launch of seven co-creations
New series distributed along with urban to rural areas
Marketing concept:
Sunsilk mainly was women oriented, now expands to all kinds of gender.

Website: Sunsilk Pakistan launched “SUNSILK”
Celebrities: “life cant wait” campaign by Madonna, Shakira and Monroe in 2008
Magazine: “Sunsilk fashion week 2012” by Pakistan magazine
Co-creation collaboration: From 2009 , it worked with 7 hair experts
Societal Marketing Concept:
For Sunsilk all that matters is the development of product through R&DA
Sunsilk designed with a “spark” logo indicating strenght of women
Unilever is recognized worldly for its integrated marketing to create, communicate and deliver value for consumers
Mission Statement :
“Softness, shine and manageability of Hair”

Sunsilk brand’s objectives:
Assess the concept of product acceptability, credibility and perceived benefits.

Examine consumer assessment of the product, in terms of product performance and related benefits.

Explore consumer reaction towards packaging4 understanding consumer’s perception of quality advertisement in term of its impact.
Strategic Planning
The perceived value of Sunsilk started to lose interest of the market in between the years 2005-2007
Now, the brand’s perceived value in customer’s mind is well developed
The principal brand here joined hands outside the company, with PFDC, arranging a fashion show in Karachi in the year 2012, thus, increasing relationships with its customers.
Customer Relationship Management
Product/Market Expansion Grid
New Product
Existing Product
Large competition in the market.
Huge number of choices available in the market.
Competition with foreign brands making difficult to survive.

Unilever meeting everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care.
Brands help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.
Previous Sunsilk was not appreciated a lot with a flourishing market with new developments and foreign brands to compete. The market share of sunsilk was decreasing.
Marketing Plan
Joined with hair experts from around the world and created the co-creation series.
Checking whether the brand’s goals have been met or not.
Whether the new Sunsilk is being liked and is the market share growing.
Checking for the new outlook’s effect in consumer’s minds and the shelf life.
SWOT Analysis
One of the largest brands in Pakistan.
Advanced technology and well skilled professionals.
New Sunsilk shampoo, a high quality product in hair protection.
Target market is educated, and belongs to premium and middle class.
Systematic distribution network in all major and small cities.
Competitors have strong promotional activities.
Imported brands available in market.
High level of competition.
Increasing population.
Quality conscious consumers.
Customer base increasing with effective marketing.
Baby shampoo introduction.Shampoo plus conditioner options.
Highlighting anti-dandruff shampoo.
Moving into rural areas.
Political and economic factors.
Government policies.
High competition rate (local and foreign).
Smuggling via Afghan Trade Transit.
The Company:
The company strives to provide high levels of consumer satisfaction. Sunsilk’s strategy is to provide consumers with the required health and nutrition not just a product.

The Supplier:
Sunsilk holds excellent relations with it’s suppliers, as they are considered partners of a firm. It is an important link in company’s overall consumer value & delivery system in terms of quality.
Marketing Intermediaries:
Relations of Sunsilk with financial institutions are quite strong. An effective role is played by these institutions for the distribution of products over a large area.

Some strong threats to Sunsilk include:
Head &Shoulders
Bio Amla (in rural areas)
It comprises of groups which have a potential impact on the firm. They include:
Financial institutions

Customers of Sunsilk are quite connected to the product. In the Asian market, mostly black shine shampoo is preferred over other variants of Sunsilk.
Economic environment:
Due to a recession, people buying behaviors have changed, thus Sunsilk is targeting all segments of the society.

Social Environment:
Usually, in Pakistan people tend to buy products of renowned and trusted brands. Sunsilk always maintains high quality and tries to meet the expectations of people.
Political Environment:
Unilever is affected by the instability prevailing in the country. Pakistan currently is following liberalization policy under SAP by IMF, in which the government has to waive off all restrictions.

Technological Environment:
This consists of innovations made to the existing product. Sunsilk focuses on new technology, due to which Sunsilk uses improved nutrients in their product.
Marketing research is essential for a management.
Sunsilk need to be well informed about information concerning their customers to their competitors.
There are 4 data sources used by Sunsilk:
1) Consumer/Household information
2) Retail Audit.
3) Advertising Tracking (ATP).
4) Integrating Information Gathered.
Market Research Process
It informs the company about the consumer patterns.
Focus Groups are conducted and relevant information is collected.
Consumption patterns are noticed.
Consumer/household information
Provides information on how sunsilk is performing in comparison to its competitors
It integrates information from variety of data sources.
It measures and tracks the sales volume and selling price.
Retail audit
It is also known as post testing.
It monitors a brand performance including advertising awareness, product trail and attitudes about the brand vs. competitors.
Advertising Tracking
It uses ISIS throughout Unilever.
Integrated information is collected.
Helps manager gather and analyze information and take decisions.
It supports local and global management.
Integrating Information Gathered
Branding decisions:
Vital decision and brings positive feedback
Indivdiual name:
Use individual name for setting brand name
Brand Elements: they identify and differentiate the brand.
1) Memorable: Every consumer mind catches the brand name.
2) Meaningful: clear mind of the product and solve there issues
3) Likeable: Most people like the brand verbally and visually
4) Protectable: Legally and competitively protective.
Branding Strategies
Mass production with market penetration
Supplier of choice for its customers.
Product available through different channels.

Target Market:
Ordinary product
Mainly targets female and youngsters
Positioning and Target Market
Dividing markets into distinct group
4 types of segmentation:
1) Demographic: On basis of age, gender, sex, income, social class
2) Geographic: On basis of nations, states, countries
3) Psychographic: On basis of personalities and lifestyle.
4) Behavioral: Dividing consumers into groups on the basis of usage, loyalty and buying responses to a product
Buying decision Behavior
Sunsilk lies in the variety seeking buying behavior.
Cultural factors:
Shifted towards looks and beauty.
Social Factors:
Word of mouth and buzz marketing influence customers.
Personal Factors:
Sunsilk has a variety of shampoos and consumer needs are fulfilled.
Psychological Factors:
Now days Shampoo’s are essential so it is one the basic need.
Characteristic Affecting Consumer Behavior
Maximize sales
Increase market share
Maintain sustained profits
Make a positive difference to the lives of low income consumers
Create new opportunities for growth
Improve the overall quality of life in Pakistan, by promoting education, nutrition, health and hygiene
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