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Identity vs Role Confusion

No description

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Identity vs Role Confusion

Identity Crisis
Unsure of ones role in life

Not knowing the real you

Sometimes ends up with teenagers copying other teenagers or celebrities
Who am I?
Role Confusion
Define as a state or a condition when an individual fails to institute a sense of identity

When this occurs the result is a weak sense of self and failure in this stage
To Wrap:
Considered one of the most important post infancy stages as it sets up for adulthood and ideals that the child will pass down to their kids and the younger generations

Those who get proper encouragement and reinforcement through exploration will emerge from this stage with a strong sense of self and feeling of independence and self-control.

Youths that are diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder are more likely to enter this stage at a later age since there are no personal bonds that can encourage and discourage certain behaviors.
Identity vs Role Confusion

Carmen Bonilla
Jenny Hopkins
Christian Diaz

Erickson described an identity crisis as a time of extensive analysis and exploration of different ways of looking at oneself
High School Musical - Troy
An example of an identity crisis is Troy in the hit movie High School Musical. He is the star basketball player but finds himself loving music and singing. The whole movie shows examples of identity crisis.
Identity vs Role Confusion
5th of Erikson's stages of development

Typically occurs between the ages of 12-18
Finding our identity is a natural part of growing up.

It tends to lead to different phases.

Such as: Experimenting with hair styles
Changes in clothing styles and music taste

Between the ages of 12-18 - develop a sense of identity

Start to feel conflicted about who they are

To find their identity, teenagers may experiment with different roles and activities.
Different Identities
Identity Achievement
: occurs when an individual has gone through an exploration of different identities and made a commitment to one

: the status of a person who is actively involved in exploring identities but has not made a commitment
Foreclosure- when a person has made a commitment without attempting identity exploration

Identity diffusion - neither identity crisis or commitment
If failure occurs and the individual does not know their role in society; experimenting will then occur

The individual will try different lifestyles socially, work-related, politically and sexually.

Many times the individual will explore different styles to try and fit in to different social groups. For example: jocks, nerds, goths etc.
Teen Werewolves
A big conflict that occurs for many people in this stage is the conflict of their sexuality

This is the time where the most experimenting happens

It is not unusual that peers can have a huge influence on the actions and decisions of others
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