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No Child's Game

No description

Solomon Davis

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of No Child's Game

No Child's Game
Reality TV 2083
Robert has great leadership skills. Some may call him a control freak, and there not wrong. That might be his downfall in life. But on the inside, he is just a skinny 14 year old Texas kid with a lot on his plate.
Polly is a very smart girl, also a book worm. Shes a very understanding girl, unless she is being stomped on. She will gladly express her opinion and the mistakes of others to help the contestants survive.
Andrew is a shy young boy, who is a lover of animals. He is one of those kids who won't say his opinion unless he's told to. He will talk, but he is going to find out that not saying anything might not be the best idea.
Grace is a very smart girl, who has a gift with medical care for humans and animals. Being a Inupiat Indian she has a lot of her tribes memories to help her with her cold journey.
Billy is a huge stickler for candy. Also a boy who will suck-up to win anything. If he doesn't get his way, he gets very mad.
Secretary of Entertainment
(Hot Sauce)
The Secretary is a fierce and terrible person. She may look nice on the outside, but inside, she's a monster. She makes people's life's miserable. Forcing people to watch these kids suffer, she is a force that you don't want to mess with. She is obviously the antagonist.
Steve is a worker at the Department of Entertainment. But he plays a much more crucial role in the book. He feels like he's responsible for the kids, but he's not. It doesn't mean that he can't do something about there situation. He is the best possible protagonist.
The first people that were introduced to each other were Hot Sauce and Steve. He had to meet with her to get his job. He was lucky to even get the interview. His father's friend helped him get the interview. After that, he went to the Department of Entertainment. The walk was terrible. In this future, the city is so polluted, that you are supposed to wear a mask when you go outside. After Steve's first day, he found out that Hot Sauce would do anything to make a quick buck. He was transferred to the night shift. He has more of an impact in the story
The kids met because of the contest. They all came from different back-rounds, and they all were very lucky that they got to even go on the show called "Historical Survivor". With a reward of $100,000 to whoever is voted MVP, they were ready to compete. So they never really liked each other at the beginning, because they all wanted the prize money. But later on, they loosened up. The first day, they were sent to a luxurious hotel, which is a HUGE treat them. They all were underestimating there journey at that point.
Rising Action
The first rising action was when the kids were in the limo, heading to the ship that would take them to Antarctica. The kids weren't speaking to each other because of their nervousness, and determination. When the limo stopped at the port, Billy didn't leave, he still had to butter up the Secretary (Hot Sauce).
When the kids are on the boat, there are some complications. The kids aren't getting along. There are HUGE arguments, they're getting tasks assigned to them that they don't even want. One of them made there self the head of the group. That caused a lot of turmoil in the group.
Another rising action was when Grace was taking care of the dogs. Billy walked in and the dogs attacked him. Howls filled the air. Luckily, Grace got the dogs off of him. When Billy got up, his hand was all bloodied. Grace bandaged his hand and from then on, Billy hated the dogs.
The next rising action was when the kids arrived in Antarctica. They found the first outpost and at night, they went back in the ship to sleep. They awoke with the ship shaking and sinking. They rushed outside with there gear and saw something awful. The ice had broken up and the ponies were floating out to see. Andrew and Robert went to rescue them. They paddled out to the ponies, but they weren't close enough to reach for them. So Andrew jumped from ice block to ice block to get them. He landed on one and slipped a little, but regained his balance. He grabbed the ponies and brought them back to the paddle boat. But one slipped and fell in the water. Andrew almost died.
The climax of the story is when the kids are traveling through the Antarctic. They are having a pretty good day. They killed a seal, and the snow is soft. But that all changes, and within a few seconds, a blizzard hits. They aren't able to see anymore.
About the Author
Andrea White was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She moved to Houston in the 1950's. She is an American Novelists and a civic leader. She was even a Houston mayor! She wanted to be the Texas governor in 2010, but didn't accomplished that. Her first book was called "Surviving Antarctica". She is invited to many schools to read and share her books.
Falling Action
The first falling action is when the kids go to sleep during a blizzard. When they wake up the dogs are off of their leashes.The kids run outside to see where they are, and they find all of there supplies on the pure white snow. They try to get the dogs together, but by the time they do, 4/5 of the food is gone!!!!
A few chapters later, the kids are traveling through the antarctic. Then suddenly Robert's engine starts stuttering and slowing down. Eventually it completely stops. He tells the group to stop and he goes to check the motor. Grace warns him that they are on ice that has many cracks in it.
Then when Robert almost gets the bike fixed, he falls down into crack and gets hurt. The kids were debating on what to do. Andrew went to get ropes so that they could him up. They tied the ropes around the pony so that they could pull Robert out. And if things could get worse, it did, a storm was coming. Robert was out of the crack, and Grace found out his shoulder was dislocated. So she popped it back in place, but Robert still couldn't do much to help the group.
The one of the final outcomes of the conflict was when the kids came together to save Robert and care for hi until he's healthy again. But when the kids are bonding more, a storm comes. This one lasts a long time. The kids are still arguing, but also getting along better. There probably doing better now because Robert isn't leading the group, he's still injured.
Another resolution was when the kids got back to D.C. They're very excited to return home. But the kids don't know what to do next, but they don't have to decide that, they get to meet the President!!!! After that they get to meet Steve, the man who has been looking after them since they entered the ship heading to Antarctica.
Favorite part
My favorite part was when the dogs got loose and ate most of the kids supplies. The kids had to consider keeping the dogs after this point.
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