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Taco Bell

Marketing project

Katie Busbee

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Taco Bell

Looking Ahead Marketing Suggestions plans to launch a Cool Ranch version of the Doritos Locos Taco
continue relationship with Pepsico
value menu have a logo that creates a sense of value
make sure new promotionals stick
address concerns of target market
healthier options
low prices, high value
filling food
don't overreach on core meaning Dogs: Products that are on the verge of being dropped; 12 Taco Party Packs
Question Marks: Bring in large amounts of cash but have a low market shares; Cantina Bowls
Stars: Generate large amounts of cash and have a strong market share; Crunchy Tacos and 7 Layer Burrito
Cash Cows: Bring in the most cash: would be the Doritos Locos Tacos Classified into 4 categories:
Question marks
Cash cows What is a BCBG Matrix? Taco Bell BCBG Matrix History SWOT Analysis Strengths Trans-fat free formula
Operational in different locations
Best Mexican Fast food chain
Strong brand name
Weaknesses Lawsuits Opportunities New flavors and Recipes
Emerging Markets
stays open late Threats E-coli
unhealthy lifestyle
Competition 2 billion customers a year. 5800 stores
Founded by Glenn Bell
Kermit Becky bought the first franchise
1976: 100th restaurant
1978: Pepsico purchase
Marketing Techniques Social Media Events
Get Real Video Contest
Twitter and FB Deals and Promotions
Virtual Coupons
Games that equal deals
Marketing History 1991 2012 2004 Taco Bell Express Taco Bell Arena
Mnt. Dew Baja Blast
Frito Lay co-branding Growth: Introduction: March 8th release
regular price: $1.29
supreme price: $1.69 Count down clock 85 million shells prepped 10 million in 10 weeks first quarter: 6% increase Yum brand: 23% profit jump Cool Ranch version latest quarter: 7% increase Product Life Cycle Doritos Locos Taco Maturity: The End!
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