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No description

alex dohleman

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Bunnies

What are they called?
Male rabbits are called bucks,Females are called does,and younger rabbits are called kits or kittens.
Top 7 Rabbit facts

-The largest population of a rabbit family ever, was a litter of 24 babies.
- Rabbits are natural runners that can reach speeds of 30 to 40 miles per hour in a big space
-When domesticated rabbits are born,they cant see until they reach at least 2 weeks of age
-rabbits have 2 sets of teeth so 28 all together
-(domesticated rabbits normally lives 5-8years)
-The average heart rate of a rabbit is 130-325.
-Bunnies are awesome (i consider that a fact)
Did you know bunnies live in groups? They live in borrow's. a group of borrows is called a warren.
Baby bunnies!
Different Bunnies
Bunnies come in a lot of different colors and sizes some are small and some are big and some are brown, black, or white. Rabbits are also small mammals.
By:Alex Dohleman
Baby bunnies are really small and weigh 1/2 of a pound.If a human touches a baby bunny before it grows up the mom abandons it and leaves it.
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