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Gas Laws Webquest

Gas laws project for chemistry

Tyler Crowder

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Gas Laws Webquest

Three Main types of airships Blimps Dirigibles Hot air balloons How does it fly? How does it fly? How does it fly? The blimp contains a fuselage with a lighter-than-air gas, a rudder near the end of the fuselage, and a propellor mounted on the side Websites used http://www.freepatentsonline.com www.wisegeek.com A hot air balloon is heated by a small propane heater that is placed at a small opening to the balloon.The air heats up causing the balloon to expand and rise. The dirigible is flown using a motor that works very similar to a blimp in every shape and manner.The only difference is that the dirigible is bigger and lighter. http://www.answers.com How is it similar/different to a dirigible? How is it similar/different to a hot air balloon? How is it similar/different from a dirigible? What are its advantages? What are some of its limitations? What are some advantages of the blimp? What are some limitations to the blimp? Historical example? What are some advantages of a hot air balloon? What are some limitations of a hot air balloon? Historical example? It has similarites to its flight mechanisms because they use basically the exact same tools like rudders and propellors. the differences i guess would be that the dirigible is more wire-framed and rigid. However, dirigible and blimp mean basically the same thing and are usually interchangeable words. I love you Mrs. Hill http://www.wikipedia.com A hot air balloon and a blimp both use the same gas to stay afloat. The differences though would be that the hot air balloon is designed to look differently and is usually smaller than a blimp. I really do :) http://www.thirteen.org The blimp has several advantages to flying it. When flying the blimp you have a sense of freedom. It is very easy to manuever and uses little or no power. Some of the main limitations or disadvantages of a blimp is that they are very large, the lift capacity is limited,(1 cubic foot(28 L) of helium lifts about one ounce(28 G)) and the system in which it uses to propell is underactuated http://ai.stanford.edu http:// May 6, 1937. This was the day of the HindenBerg's first flight from Europe back to the docking station. http://www.Thinkquest.org The Hindenberg!(: Gas Laws Webquest PROJECT!(: On September 19, 1783, a scientist named Pilatre De Rozier launched the world's first ever hot air balloon. Surprisingly, the first to take a ride on the hot air balloon, were not human. The Passangers of the hot air balloon, "Aerostat Reveillon", were a rooster, a sheep, and a duck. The hot air balloon stayed afloat for a grand total of 15 minutes before crashing back to Earth. http://www.eballoon.org The dirigible is bigger and made to hold more weight. They both use the same method of flying as in they use propane gas to stay afloat but they look nothing alike and the hot air balloon is much smaller. it looks all arabian and what not! :p In a hot air balloon, you can't fly very far or very fast. The fuel tanks take constant readjusting and there is always the factor of wind changing your course and direction. They are very high maintenance and expensive. Their size can be severely reduced when not inflated so it is transportable. It can land in small areas. Most of the desingns are very beautiful and colorful as well. There is a wide area of diversity which you don't see in dirigibles or blimps http://www.cloudhopper.org The derigible weighs less than a blimp and is slower so it is easier to manuever. It deflates in about 45 minutes which makes it easier to store. It is not near as expensive as other airships either. http://www.solvinpvc.com Some bad thigs about the dirigibles are that they are larger than most airships so they would not be very stealthy. They are noisy and need constant maintenance. http://www.bbc.co.uk Tyler Crowder Chemistry 7th per. Hill Historical example? In 1900, A man by the name Thomas Scott Baldwin, also nicknamed the father of the parachute, created a motorized balloon. It was about 96 feet long and shaped like a cigar. In 1904, it made its first flight.It was flown by pilot Roy Knabenshue at the Louisianna Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. Looks like a football, or cigar(: Numero uno(: This project is really hard and prezis are veryyy hard to make :(
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