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Copy of Clip n Climb India Pvt Ltd

No description

aswathy nair

on 2 June 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Clip n Climb India Pvt Ltd

130 Centers & growing fast!
Who are we?
Our First Center
In September 2006 we opened the world's first
Clip ’n Climb at The Roxx Climbing Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand … it was an instant success !

Clip ‘n Climb was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand by John Targett and Tim Wethey. The first centre opened in 2006 with immediate success, and the mass-market climbing industry was born!

Why Clip 'n Climb?
Safety first!
Our Business Model
What we offer?
Our Global Presence
Our Challenges
Extra Wide Challenges
Classic Challenges.
Immensely popular element which a real challenge for many
Goal- to climb up the central pole and onto the jump platform where the participant leaps out to catch hold of the trapeze.
Position of trapeze can quickly & easily altered to suit the physicality & confidence of each participant.
Leap of faith
Vertical Drop Slide

Why to climb ?
An out of ordinary experience
Participant is kitted out in a skydive suit ( to control the amount of friction ) and a helmet.
Then the hold on to a handlebar and are pulled up the face of the slide using a winch ( controlled by CNC supervisor)
Challenge of choice- participant can lt go anytime they choose.
participants going to top of 9 m slide will have 3ms of free fall before engaging seamlessly with the slide and through the radius and up to the end of the slide.
Dark Tower
Extremely popular CNC element which provides a night climbing experience.
Fluro holds light up the routes to the top with the help of UV lights ( 3 different routes.
Latest & most sensational addition in CNC range
Designed to accommodate 3 climbers t a time
Breathtaking in both visual appearance & climbing challenge.Rotationally moulded in a polyethylene , the hemispheres can be custom colored on request.
Circuit Breaker
Alive with lighting effects, from the gently pulsing connection lines to the flickering high voltage handholds.
The imagery is instantly recognizable as a circuit board but it creates a wonderful abstract pattern.
Stairway to heaven
No hands required, climbers are challenged instead to walk their way to top, using steady balance and careful footwork to avoid the drop.
Routes: with hands, no hands & blindfold
Face to Face
Jungle gym
Dual Challenges
The Crag
Zigg Zagg
Lightning Crack
Checker Plate
Spaghetti Junction
Premium Challenges
Speed Climb
Cloud 9
Jungle Wines
Morse Code
Big Cheese
Dry Ice
Dome Chimney
Licensed Model
Clip 'n Climb offers the Licensed Business Model, a concept where there is freedom to perform operations and marketing whilst following flexible guidelines with international brand support.The basic package includes fully set up the site with installation, logistics & equipment. It also allows the smooth functioning of the License to operate the brand with IP. We provide the comprehensive training on safety, equipment & service and support the business development with the basic branding components. Also, share the business enquiries of that particular territory.
The basic package
Fully sets up the site with Installation, Logistics & Equipment.
Allows for smooth functioning with a License to operate the brand with IP.
Territorial exclusivity for 12 months*
Comprehensive Training on safety, equipment and service.
Supports Business Development with Basic Branding Components.
Proven business system
Strong cash
flow business

Successful marketing & Dependable
ongoing support
Impressive profitability
Comprehensive owner’s manual .
Steel Works
Red Square
Traditional Challenges
Tree Tunk
Caving Ladder
Rope Climb
Every so often an Opportunity arises where your heart skips a beat and you know very well that you are looking at a game-changer!

Thank you for your valuable time!!!!!
When you choose Clip ‘n Climb you get peace of mind. This comes from the knowledge that the company has a deep
understanding of the Fun Climbing sector and is able to offer support and advice based on over 10 years of operational experience gained in many different markets around the world.

What's Included?
We will help you as much or as little as you want but we will make sure that your business gets off to the best possible start.
These benefits are included in the License Establishment Fee :
Exclusive Clip ‘n Climb Operating Territory for 12 months
The right to use all aspects of the Clip ‘n Climb IP in the promotion of the center
Operational Guidelines Manual & Basic Branding Components
Link to center website from the national and international Clip ‘n Climb websites
Risk Assessment Document and Site Safe Certificate
Marketing Collateral (Soft Copy)

Staff Training for XYZ days on site ( Depending on the site & excluded in the fee)

Retention of exclusive Clip ‘n Climb Operating Territory
Safety Audits-Annual Maintenance/ Repair of CnC Structures & Certification ( Depending on the site & excluded in the fee)
TruBlue Repair, Servicing and Re certification( Depending on the site & excluded in the fee)

Whats in the Annual Renewal Fee ?
What's Optional ?
Signature Challenges
Are you Ready for the Challenge!!

Come be the Game Changer…
Climb Tek
CNC Market Entry Programme
Climb Tek
Climb Tek is an integrated solutions suite to manage your clip n' climb store
Refresher Training
Advanced Soft Skills Training
Refresher Hard Skills Training
CNC Market Entry Programme
Rock 1
Social Media Management
Customer Reviews ( Word of Mouth Programme)
Free Passes to School etc
Customer Retention Programme
Rock 2
Activation ( High Traffic Locations)
Corporate Outreach
Travel Websites
Rock 3
Grand Opening Event
Tie- ups ( depending on budget & site)
Rock 4
Online reputation Management
National Marketing Calendar.
Rock 1
Rock 2
Rock 3
Rock 4
John Targett
1st Center in India at Whitefield Bengaluru

Global Amusement Industry grows significantly

Market research analyst predicts the global amusement park
market to grow at a CAGR of more than 8% during by 2021.

Global Amusement Industry
grows significantly
Market research analyst predicts the global amusement park market to grow at a CAGR of more than 8% during by 2021.

The recent addition of sport climbing to the 2020 Olympic Games could be considered a testament to the feverish growth of the climbing world in recent years.

A unique business opportunity..

Always a Crowd Puller in Shopping Malls..
A magnet for groups
It is exciting… physically, mentally and socially.
Provides a huge variety of challenges to keep customers
coming back time and time again.

Clip n Climb Whitefield Insights
30% ROI with just 28% Occupancy.
An increase of 25% rental in revenue sharing model with every 5% increase in occupancy,
Varun Adventures Private Limited is the first company to Launch "Clip 'n Climb store in India located in Bangalore. It is promoted by Mrs Keerthi Sri Jagadeesh and Mr Vishak Jagadeesh, Who were educated in the UK and with their love of travelling have experienced and developed a passion for recreational / adventure / amusement sports activities around the world. They're looking forward to introducing the Indian populace to the fun climbing industry. The team at Varun Adventures is a hard-working, friendly group of staff who want customers to have the best experience possible during their time at the centre.
Area Specifications
Clip n Climb is majorly an indoor activity. with a minimum requirement of 22 ft height. The optimum height would be 30 ft.
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