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social media

Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits | August 2013

Randy Macon

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of social media

[soh-shuhl mee-dee-uh]
1. Explore the basic elements of the most popular platforms (twitter, pinterest, linkedIN, vimeo, youtube, facebook, flickr, wordpress … and any others that emerge before the session date).

2. Examine ways in which these tools can be utilized by NGOs to raise funds and foster influenceability (yep, it’s a thing!).

3. Share stories about what works/doesn’t work with nonprofit organizations in OKC and Tulsa.

4. Have tons of fun!
the how
is this social media thing here to stay?
randy k. macon, phd
and don't forget...
a quick note about

cleaner and streamlined aesthetic
everything is organized and easily searchable
quality of the video is higher and there is no time length limit on the videos being uploaded.

Vimeo fits into a much more niche audience, centered on good filmmaking and inspiring videos. Vimeo filters out the commercial videos, gaming videos and all non-user generated content.

audience doesn’t come close to size of YouTube’s
only allows for one HD video upload per week on the free account as well as slow upload times for users who have not paid to upgrade to Plus or Pro accounts
no dedicated NGO program

+1k individuals in my network saw my recomendation
before the break...
take 10...
...peer-to-peer messaging is among the most powerful tool available to drive social change. When an issue becomes ‘personal,’ meaning someone can attach a familiar face to the cause, she tends to become a strong advocate...
meet Brian Elliott
Brian taught me about

when something becomes important to a friend, chances are you will consider it more favorably and perhaps become involved yourself
that's friend power!
Help End Hunger and Poverty With Your Homemade Sheep Money Box
Heifer International
children love this pinterest project
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