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Copy of Expressions of Past Tense

No description

D.C. B

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Expressions of Past Tense

Expressions of Past Tense
Present Perfect
Action in the past, but without specific time.

Ex: They have raised R$100,00 for a swimming pool.

Present perfect progressive.

Ex: I have been dancing since I was a child.

Emphazing duration of an event.

Ex: She's been clying.
Types of Time Adverbial
Can be used with all past forms.

Again Ever since In the past
Already Finally Just
Earlier First Last
Since Recently Previosly
Simple Past
When an event occured in a particular time in the past.

Ex: They gave me medication to help me relax.

When a situation occured in a determinate period in the past.

Ex: He lived in Paris during his last years.

When occured a fact in the past or you mention a situation that is at that time.

Ex: All the streets in this part of watford looked alike.

Habitual and regular actions.

Ex: We walked a great deal when I was a boy.

Progressive Past
Repeated actions. (Verb to be in the past + verb with ing)

Ex: He was watching a movie.

Contrasting events.

Ex: I was waiting angrily on Monday morning when I saw Mrs. Miller.

Past perfect
When a past event occured before a particular time in the past.

Ex: Before the war, he had worked as a bank manager.

Past perfect progressive.

Ex: The doctor had been working alone.

Expectations and wishes.

Ex: I had been exprecting some miraculous obivious change
All past verbs forms except present perfect

Afterwards Next Subsequently
At one time Once Immediately
Eventually Formally Originally
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