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No description

Julia Haj

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of mHealth

Tyler Andrews, Rachel Ganz, Julia Hajnoczky, Amy Demicco mHealth Second Field of mHealth mHealth applications using software development Third Field of mHealth Hardware-Compatible
mHealth Interfaces mHealth Summary First Field of mHealth Applying mHealth using the built-in properties of mobile devices Built-in Properties Text4baby Free text messaging service
Timed text messages sent 3x each week with tips
Partnerships for outreach
Monitoring and Evaluation Benefits Technology shrinking/becoming more affordable
Add-ons being developed for medical applications
Development from research and private sector Limitations growing access
wide audience
emergency response Hardware-Compatible mHealth
Summary Timeliness of Data age, sex, SES dependent
SIM cards
tech savvy
pilot programs
speed of communication
loss of reception
inadequate software
translation Avoid the extra step of data entry
Databases immediately analyze data
Quicker response to the situation Hardware-Compatible mHealth
Example: AliveCor Mobile EKG mHealth: A growing field in an increasingly mobile connected world mHealth and self-monitoring weight loss
more adherence to programs due to immediate feedback and response Quality of the Data Can keep track of patient and population characteristics
Improved communication
Mapping using GPS information. iPhone compatible case
Metal plates run small current
Takes "hand-to-hand" EKG
Significantly cheaper and faster than "full" EKG
Already in use by MDs
Not a replacement for "full" EKG
Limited research on accuracy/ effectiveness Hardware-Compatible mHealth
Benefits and Limitations Ease of Use Utilizes less resources
Reduces need for person-to-person contact
Apps can be formatted to certain groups Benefits
Low cost

Ease of use

Predicted high adoption Calling
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Send/receive data
Internet access Limitations
Young technology
Limited research on accuracy, implementation, effectiveness
Power requirements What is mHealth?
Why is it important? What is mHealth? Short for "Mobile Health"
The development and use of mobile technology* for:
improving healthcare systems
improvement of personal health
collecting health-relevant data *including both cellphones and tablet devices Why is mHealth important? Utilizes technology as it is introduced
Mobility allows for widespread geological use
Healthcare applications:
Prevention Three Fields of mHealth The First Field

The Second Field

The Third Field relies on the integrated properties of mobile devices uses software developed for the mobile devices integrates external or internal hardware or sensors
Jiiffpad allows patients to have access
to education tools outside of the office
Context patients can better understand
Improved patient compliance

Diabetes IQ providing information through
interactive games Example of tracking typhoid in Nepal.
Gained a better understanding of how the disease was spread
Linked the disease to certain water spouts Three fields of mHealth
Rapidly growing and changing
Widespread applications
Increasing public acceptance Drawbacks: Relies on people for accurate information
Privacy concerns
Removes face-to-face contact
Software crashes
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