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The Vampire Diaries

the vampire diares , latest summary of characters , seasons and species :)

katie reynolds

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of The Vampire Diaries

Series 2...
The TV Show

The Vampire Diaries
Age : 19
Species: Vampire
Elena is a doppelganger on the Petrova blood line , Katherine pierce (vampire)is her current doppel. Elena has brown hair and brown eyes , she has one brother Jeremy Gilbert , both her adopted parents and biological parents are dead as of the main status of the show. Elena is very passionate , loving and caring towards all living things. Her friends are Bonnie (a witch) and Caroline (a vampire). She is currently in a love triangle between the two vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore.
Elena Gilbert
The Girls ...
Main Characters...
Age : 163 (17)
Species : Vampire
Stefan has one brother Damon Salvatore (vampire) there relationship is very strong and they share the same love interest in Elena. Stefan was with Elena first , they are still very close. Stefan chooses to live off animal blood instead of human blood as when Stefan drinks human blood he cant control himself. Stefan is very romantic and caring . Stefan was in a love triangle before with Damon and Katherine both vampires . Stefan has built up a strong friendship with both bonnie and Caroline.
Stefan Salvatore
The Boys ....
Age: 170 (24)
Species: Vampire
Damon is Stefan's older brother , Stefan forced Damon to turn into a vampire and so Damon has hated Stefan for many centuries. Damon falls in love with Elena while she is Stefan's girlfriend , Elena doesn't return those feelings for him at first but over time she falls for him. Damon has a very comical personality he tends to make jokes and give people nicknames e.g blondie / witchy / vampire barbie etc. Damon has been in relationships with many of the ladies on the show. He is very protective of Elena and he is a very selfish person , but his feelings for Elena changes him from bad guy to good guy . Damon had a strong friendship with Alaric.
Damon Salvatore
Age: 19
Species: Dead / Witch / Ghost
Bonnie is a very powerful witch , she comes from a long line of Bennett witches . Bonnie is Best friends with Elena and Caroline , her Father is curently mayor of Mystic Falls and her mother abandoned her when she was young but is now a Vampire. Bonnie was in a relationship with another witch called Luca but is currently in a relationship with Elena's younger brother Jeremy . Bonnie is strong willed and very loyal to her friends ,she gets on well with Stefan but doesn't like damon .She has lost many people close to her including her grams . She is a heroine in the show and always pulls through to help her friends.
Bonnie Bennett
Species: Vampire
Caroline's mother is the cheif of police in mystic falls and on the founders council , which believed and fought against vampires . Caroline has been in a relationship with Elena's ex Matt Donovan (human) and is currently with Tyler Lockwood (hybrid) . Caroline has a good friendship with Nicklaus Mikaelson (hybrid) , who fancies her. Caroline also has a strong friendship with Stefan , Bonnie and Elena . Caroline does not get on well with Katherine or Damon because they both used her and took advantage of her in the past. Caroline is very competitive , mainly with Elena. She was Ms.Mystic Falls, is very popular and a cheerleader.
Caroline Forbes
Age: 19 (540)
Species: Human (former Vampire)
Katherine is a doppelganger from the Petrova bloodline, she was a vampire until , Elena gave her the cure which turned her back into a human, Katherine had a baby out of wedlock which continued on the bloodline, she was running from Klaus for 100's of years as she turned herself into a vampire , making her useless to him. Katherine has minipulated hundreds of others so she cann get what she wants , she is extremly selfish and only cares about herself , she despises Elena and Damon and Stafan love her more than they loved Katherine . Katherine doesnt have any real friends and is in a relationship with Elijah Mikaelson (vampire).
Katherine Pierce
Age: 1000+
Species: Original Vampire
Rebekah comes from the original family of vampires , she had 6 siblings , her mother was the original witch , her father hunted her and her siblings down , because he wanted to kill them , because they were vampires. She really wanted to be human , and to have children she wanted to take the cure . She is good friends with Stefan and compelled April Young (human) to be her friend, she has been in a relationship with Stefan , Damon and is currently with Matt , Caroline and Elena's ex. Rebekah is very demanding and childish she is in a rivalry with Caroline and she just wants to be a normal human girl .
Rebekah Mikaelson
Age: 19
Species: Vampire Hunter
Jeremy Gilbert is Elena Gilbert's adoptive younger brother / Cousin, she kept him in the dark about the vampires in Mystic Falls . Jeremy found out about them on his own , he befriended a vampire called Anna who he later dated , he then found out that Elena also knew about the vampires by reading her diary. Anna is later killed , and Jeremy falls for Bonnie. Jeremy is killed by accident by Liz Forbes , Bonnie Couldn't bear to loose Jeremy so she uses magic to bring him back to life , by doing this Jeremy becomes a spiritual medium and can see and talk to ghosts , including his ex Girlfriend Vicki Donovan and Anna. Jeremy builds a strong relationship with Alaric and Matt. Jeremy then meets a Vampire Hunter (Connor) who trains him to be a Vampire Hunter aswell . Katherine then kills Jeremy and this causes Elena to switch off her humanity because she has no family left.
Jeremy Gilbert...
Tyler Lockwood
Age: 19
Species: Human
Matt Donovan is both Elena and Caroline's ex boyfriend , Matt is a football star and is lesser off than the others , his mother is never in town she leaves him to handle keeping the house and bills and a job and school , his sister Viki Donovan used to date Jeremy Gilbert before she was turned into a vampire by Damon then killed by Stefan as she was a danger to Elena , Jeremy and Matt as she couldnt be controled. Matt was very lonley after viki died as Elena had broken up with him , Caroline reminded him what it was like to have fun and to be loved . Matt is good friends with Tyler and gets on well with the Salvatore brothers also. Matt is also very close to Bonnie they have a very strong friendship. Later in the series Matt finds out about the vampires in town and soon is on the same side as his friends are vampires. Matt has also built up a strong relationship with Rebekah they are currently together.
Matt Donovan
Age: 21
Species: Hybrid (former werewolf)
Tyler Lockwood's father was the Mayor of Mystic Falls then when he was killed , his mother Carol Lockwood took place as mayor , then when she was killed by Klaus Bonnie's father took over as mayor. Tyler did not know he was a werewolf until his uncle Mason Lockwood came back into town (who is a werewolf ) and Tyler figured it out. Tyler and Jeremy were previous enemies as they both dated Vicki Donovan. Tyler then started Dating Caroline as he found out that she was a vampire , although he thought she was a werewolf aswell at first, Caroline helped him through his first transformation and has been a loyal friend to him ever since. Tyler was Klaus' first successful Hybrid .

Niklaus Mikaelson
Age: 1000+
Species: Original Vampire
Elijah is a very trustworthy , honest , loyal , old-fashioned man , he values loyalty and family greatly . He has been working under Klaus his whole life and has grown tired of his childish and impulsive ways and Klaus had daggered his entire family and kept them in coffins for years, Elijah was at one stage going to kill Klaus with Stefan and Damon and Bonnie , but when the time came to kill Klaus but then Klaus promises him that he will reunite him with his family so Elijah dosn't kill him, Elijah love's Katherine and we are still unsure on how she truly feels about him, he has astrong friendship with Elena ,, they have made fair deals together.
Age: 1000+
Species: Hybrid
Klaus is an Original Vampire / Hybrid ,he is the most feared vampire among all vampires he is very powerful he has 2 living siblings Rebekah and Elijah who are also Original Vampires. Klaus needed Elena's blood because she was the doppelganger he was informed of Elena's existance by Elijah who was told by Rose. Klaus is the Original Hybrid . He is extremely selfish and wants tto be king and rule the entire world with his own army of hybrids. At first it seems that Klaus has no good in him , but as his friendship with Caroline grows we see him show the better kind side of himself .
Elijah Mikaelson
Vampire Hunter ..
Series 1 ..
Series 3...
Series 4...
Chapter 1: The Vicki Chapter: This chapter deals with the return of Damon Salvatore and his shady influence over the events in the town and most particularly on Vicki Donovan.

Chapter 2: The Tomb Chapter: This chapter deals with the aftermath of Vicki's death and the revelation of Damon's master plan: opening the tomb of vampires underneath Fell's Church to release Katherine Pierce.

Chapter 3: The Lineage Chapter:This chapter deals with the aftermath of the opening of the tomb, the release of the tomb vampires and Elena's true parentage.
Chapter 1: The Katherine Chapter: This chapter deals with the aftermath of the destruction of the tomb vampire, the return of Katherine Pierce, Caroline's new life as a vampire and the mystery surrounding Mason Lockwood and Tyler Lockwood.

Chapter 2: The Werewolf Chapter: This chapter deals with the transformation of Tyler Lockwood into a werewolf and the appearance of the Original vampires as well as the new importance of the curse of the Sun and the Moon.

Chapter 3: The Klaus/Curse Chapter: This chapter deals with the aftermath of Elijah's death and the release of Katherine Pierce from the tomb. It also deals with the arrival of Klaus, and it concentrates truly on the events surrounding the curse.
Chapter 1: The Ghosts Chapter: This chapter deals with the events surrounding Jeremy's new ability to see Ghosts and the mystery surrounding the return of Anna and Vicki to the world of the living. It also deals with Klaus's plan to create more hybrids as well as revealing his back story to his new wingman, Stefan.

Chapter 2: The Originals Chapter: This chapter deals with the truth surrounding the creation of the vampires in the form of the Originals. It evolves into a conflict between Klaus and Stefan after the latter steals the coffins of the Originals and uses them in his crusade to destroy Klaus. It also sees the arrival and death of the one responsible for the creation of the vampires: Mikael, Klaus's stepfather. Also, vampires and humans alike are baffled when a killing spree begins against Founder's Council members.

Chapter 3: The Bloodline Chapter: This chapter starts with the development of Esther's plot to destroy her family. Elijah and the rest of the family are not willing to just die and they use Elena to force Damon and Stefan to help them in their power struggle against their mother. Lastly, they learn that once you kill one Original, you also kill their bloodline of vampires, which leads to a search to find out who turned whom and which Originals they can kill without signing their own death sentences. It also continues the storyline of the mysterious killer who seems bent on killing the Council members who protect the secret of the vampires in Mystic Falls.
Chapter 1: The Transition Chapter: This chapter focuses on Elena's transition into a vampire and all the things that she has to look forward to now that she is one. The newly reformed Town Council, whose mission is to clean the town of vampires and anyone else they deem a threat, decides to take action.

Chapter 2: The Hunter Chapter: The supernatural hunter known as Connor has arrived to rid the town of all the vampires and hybrids bringing with him two main things, a new origin as one of the members of the thought to be extinct The Five, and also the key to revealing a Cure for vampirism.

Chapter 3: The Silas Chapter:
This chapter deals with the origins of the first immortal Silas, and the Cure for vampirism. Jeremy tries to complete the Hunter's Mark to reveal the location of Silas and the Cure, and the journey to retrieve them. This results in tragedy and the raising of Silas.

Chapter 4: The Humanity Chapter:
This chapter deals with the aftermath of the confrontation on the Island. After Jeremy's death, Elena's pain leads Damon to make a controversial decision which has dramatic consequences for all of Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, Silas, who is now awake, has followed the group back to Mystic Falls and is bent on accomplishing his ultimate goal: to drop the veil with The Other Side.
Powers and Abilities :

- Super Strength
- Super Speed
- Emotional Control
- Dream Manipulation
- Mind Compulsion
- Heightened Senses
- Immortality
- Healing Factor
Weaknesses :

- Decapitation
- Fire / Sunlight
- Vervain (an herb)
- Wood
- Heart Extraction
- Invitation (to enter homes)
- Magic (by witches)
- Desiccation
- Werewolf Bite

Powers and Abilities :

- Channeling - Conjuration
- Resurrection - Elemental Control
- Mind Control - Pain Infliction - Spell Casting - Telekinesis
- Death and Return - Accelerated Healing
- Petrification

Powers and Abilities :

- Super Strength
- Super Speed
- Super Agility
- Healing Factor
- Werewolf Bite
- Shapeshifting
-Super Senses
Weaknesses :

- Magic (by a witch)
- Heart Extraction
Powers and Abilities :

- Spiritual Medium
- Hunters Mark
- Enhanced Strength
- Enhanced Reflexes
- Compulsion Resistant
- Enhanced Speed
- Combat Skills

Hybrids Have all the same Powers , Abilities and Weaknesses as Vampires and Werewolves , other than these exceptions :
- Transformation Control (Can transform at anytime)
- Can Grow Claws (in Human form)
- Daytime Walking (not affected by sunlight)
- Immunity to Silver
Klaus was the original hybrid , The Human Petrova doppelganger's blood is used to make hybrids.
Powers and Abilities :

- Immortality
- Possession
- Telekinesis
- Teleportation
- Vampire Abilities (if a Vampire)
- Werewolf Abilities (if a Werewolf)
- Witchcraft Abilities (if a Witch)
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