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TOK Oral Presentation

Final graded TOK oral presentation, IB 2013

Grace Goh

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of TOK Oral Presentation

Grace Goh Hui Tse 6.12 (002329-638) TOK ORAL PRESENTATION 2013 SOME DEFINITIONS... Bibliography World's biggest new hydroelectric project,
led by Electrobas REAL LIFE SITUATION
- Belo Monte Dam Construction Knowledge claim
- development is necessary, and certain populations must inevitably be displaced/sacrificed as a result

AOKs - Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, Ethics
WOK - Reasoning, Emotion

Perspectives - government, court KNOWLEDGE ISSUE
"To what extent is the displacement of populations due to development justified?" GOVERNMENT'S PERSPECTIVE: NATURAL SCIENCES Displacement = the act or process of removing something from its usual or proper place Development = use of resources, natural and human, to achieve higher standards of living. Belo Monte dam construction halted by Brazilian court, The Guardian UK. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/aug/16/belo-monte-dam-construction-suspended

Displacement, Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/displacement

Singapore prepares to gobble up its last village, New York Times. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/04/world/asia/04village.html?_r=0

Development, Blogspot.

Favela, Gerominocoachingnow.

Protected areas in Brazilian Amazon, Socioambiental.

Social media, Upshotcommerce.

Hydrology, Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions.

Favela, Wikipedia

Geography Dictionary, ITS. http://www.tuition.com.hk/geography/d.htm PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT? Interest in Geography and land development

Empathy for situation: Kampongs Knower's Perspective Limitations & Assumptions of Knower's Perspective Conclusions and Further Implications? THE END.
Thank you! COURT'S PERSPECTIVE: ETHICS IMPLICATIONS REBUTTAL: NATURAL SCIENCES STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES IMPLICATIONS STRENGTHS AND WEAKENESSES SIMILARITY DIFFERENCE REBUTTAL: HUMAN SCIENCES COMPARISON Reduce the impact of global warming: alternative energy: inductive reasoning *DAM IS NECESSARY - for environment's sake* Other methods: wind and solar energy, control of illegal land clearance 57% drop in Carbon emission from Amazon between '04 and '11: inductive reasoning Developmental displacement revealed Project is not the sole way that Brazil must adopt! (Inductive reasoning) Went through extensive assessment: natural sciences, reasoning Dictatorship in power at the time: natural sciences, reasoning Must protect human rights and environment regardless of economic development: ethics Displacement of people, social problems *Dam building should be halted to protect indigenous interests* Relocation possible: reasoning Already present designated reservations Effects of displacement can be countered - building need not stop: reasoning Holistic view of building: ethics Does not consider other options: emotion Both consider the interests of Brazil as a country in one way or another Court has widespread consensus from others: coherence Government biased due to pursuing economic interest only: pragmatic EE has to do with effects of human population on natural environment Limited by what the media can tell me Emotion allows sympathy and empathy towards situation Interpreting language and the meanings of two arguements Emotional involvement KI: not justified to a large extent, based on general sentiment Human sciences: culture and heritage, how to determine WHAT to save? Natural sciences enough to justify actions?
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