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Realized Niche vs. Fundamental Niche

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Katie Farber

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Realized Niche vs. Fundamental Niche

Realized Niche
Fundamental Niche
Sabrina and Katie
Fundamental Niche
The full range of environmental conditions (potential area) and resources an organism can possibly occupy and use, especially when limiting factors are absent in its habitat.
Realized Niche

The part of fundamental niche that an organism occupies as a result of limiting factors present in its habitat.

An example of this would be two species that require the same resource and cannot co exist because of that need.

Niche: The specific area where an organism inhabits.

A factor present in an environment that controls a process, particularly the growth, abundance or distribution of a population of organisms in an ecosystem, such as the availability of food, water, nutrients etc. or competing species
Miscellaneous Ecology Vocabulary Project
This shows that the realized niche of the Chthamalus is smaller than its fundimental niche due to comepetition. If this inter-
specific competition is removed,
their realized niche will grow to
satisfy their fundimental niche.
Niches can also be set by the time of day. For the A. russatus, it's biological clock is manipulated by other members of the same species. A. russatus is active during the night, although it's bilogical clock is set for the day time. Because of the competition for time, one of the species has to submit to the unpreferable, realized niche.
Example 2
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