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Family Map_Orange

No description

Darren Kizer

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Family Map_Orange

maintaining joy & purpose in the midst of change because your home should be full of peace & fulfillment because we all want our kids to be successful... and our days fulfilling helping you to embrace God's perfect plan knowing they are prepared to date wisely celebrating with them as they discover & serve navigating future
steps with an
emphasis on a
sticky faith 8 Milestone classes providing help now
& future preparation impact & milestone
events offered by the church home based priorities & milestone celebrations guiding them through salvation, baptism, heartache, and turmoil Saturday, March 24 9 am to Noon childcare vouchers available Register at:
www.parkerhill.org/mapday Paint your unique family picture.
The baby follows, never leads.
Approach your role with confidence & humility Peace comes from drawing the line well before the breaking point.

Harmony emerges in the dance- communication, expectations & mutual support.

Fulfillment comes from mobilizing each other's dreams and passions. Instill power, strength & confidence. Support their place in god's story.

Prioritize family priorities. Protect against sports, school, and church options.

Mentor each child- not the children. Avoid comparison at all cost.

Focus on the narrow end of the funnel. Character supersedes opportunities. 13 is 3 years too late. Communicate God's plan early and often.

Create and environment of openness not embarrassment.

A dozen talks over a dozen years.

Individuation & separation is God's plan. In focus :: In control :: In bounds

Focus on protecting the heart- encourage dates, downplay dating.

Clarify expectations- dating, prom, standards.

Empower purity. Choose scuffed over flawless- tested and battle ready is the goal.

Post-game updates- dialogue often and loosely.

Avoid ultimatums- keep your eye on the goal not your reputation.

Focus on the wide end of the funnel- embrace new opportunities. Clarify the starting point.

Choose an appropriate scorecard.

Leverage the stewardship lens. We smile when faith strts at home. (salvation)

We celebrate when faith goes public. (baptism)

We admire families that embrace a 5:1. (care)

We support families while experiencing heartache and turmoil. (counseling) INCITE
PASSION darrenkizer


INFLUENCE 2>1+1 40 vs 3,000
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